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Game balls for the Broncos 24-22 win over the Bills

The Denver Broncos stumbled heavily in their 24-22 barnburner win over the Buffalo Bills, but the home team stumbled more. Here are Mile High Report’s game balls for this game!

Denver Broncos vs Buffalo Bills Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

The Denver Broncos should have beaten the Buffalo Bills by multiple scores, but such is the way of the NFL the game turned into a dogfight with a strong home team refusing to give in. When Josh Allen and the Bills took the lead with less than two minutes to go it really felt like all momentum was gone for the visiting Broncos.

However, Russell Wilson and the offense gut checked against a relentless pass rush to get two nice dump offs and then Jerry Jeudy annihilated his defender to get so wide open that the underthrown ball ended up an easy pass interference call to set up the game-winning field goal. Naturally, the field goal kick had its own drama, but Denver would come out on top 24-22 in their biggest road win in at least six years.

Here are our game balls for that incredible win on Monday Night Football.

Here are Mile High Report’s game balls for their Week 10 win over Buffalo:

Ja’Quan McMillian

Broncos slot cornerback Ja’Quan McMillian really showed why he is on the field. They really found a diamond in the rough in McMillion (as Joe Buck called him). He played like a million bucks on Monday night. Right out of the gates, he forced a massive tone-setter of a fumble on the games first play.

I love how this kid plays and he reminds me a lot of Chris Harris Jr. as much as he is a guy who had to fight for playing time and once he got it he balled out. I’m excited about the young players on this defense. - Tim Lynch

Courtland Sutton

My game ball goes to Courtland Sutton. 8 receptions for 53 yards and a TD is a pretty decent stat line, but it comes nowhere close to fully encompassing Sutton’s impact on this game. There were considerable stretches of time where Sutton was the only consistent element of the offense.

And that touchdown catch... you can’t heap too many superlatives on that play. That should be on the highlight reel for the entire NFL at the end of the year, because you won’t find 5 touchdown catches in all 285 games of the 2023 season. He did have the lost fumble, but few players could hold onto that ball after it got hit directly with an opponent’s full weight and momentum. Sutton was dominant against the Bills, and the Broncos don’t win this game without him. Next Gen Stats has a great tweet about just how improbable Sutton’s TD catch was. - Taylor Kothe

Fabian Moreau

Fabian Moreau was an afterthought signing by the Broncos as a veteran CB to provide depth for a relatively young group of CBs. He was not expected to play much, but with the complete ineptitude of Mathis, Moreau got his chance to be CB2 on the other side of PS2. He fully took advantage of the bad game that Josh Allen had last night, but intercepting him once and breaking up two other throws. He also had five tackles three solo and generally looked like a competent, maybe even above average, NFL CB, which is something that Mathis and Bassey couldn’t sniff this year. Moreau gets my gameball as he has been integral to the turnaround for this defense over the last three games. - Joe Mahoney

Justin Simmons

I would like to give a game ball to Jerry Jeudy for drawing a PI call that absolutely gave the Broncos the final shot to win, but ultimately I think I have to put the spotlight on Justin Simmons. His early interception wasn’t miraculous or even particularly momentum-changing, but it stopped the Bills’ momentum and likely kept a fire lit under the defense. Simmons’ consistently high level of play and leadership on the field aren’t always noticed in real time - but when he isn’t there (Miami game), the absence is felt. And here’s a cool stat - Simmons leads the league in total interceptions since 2016. And the fact that he hasn’t asked to be traded from this dumpster fire in previous years shows some remarkable loyalty. - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Vance Joseph

Vance Joseph gets my game ball. Ever since the Broncos were devoured by the Miami Dolphins his unit has looked entirely different. The turnaround is quite miraculous. They are generating quality pressure, forcing a lot of turnovers, and have been playing at a high-level for multiple games in a row. They still have room for improvement, but all thing considered, his players balled out and were the primary reason for Denver’s thrilling victory on the road in Buffalo. - Chris Hart

Russell Wilson

I’m not going to sit here and claim that Russell Wilson has found his old form for the Denver Broncos. That would be ludicrous. However, what we have seen from him this season has been a huge step forward. He showed against the Bills that he has found a certain amount of comfort in Sean Payton’s offense. 24/29 for 193 yards shows his accuracy and decision making has improved.

His TD pass to Courtland Sutton (who made one of the best catches I’ve ever seen) was nothing short of perfect placement. He made the perfect decision on the throw to Jerry Jeudy at the end to force the ball into a situation that resulted in the PI that allowed the team a chance to win. For all the issues that Wilson has had in Denver, this game was a massive step forward for him. We judge QBs on winning. QBwinz might not be real, but sometimes they are. - Adam Malnati

Sean Payton

Does anyone think the previous Denver head coaches since Gary Kubiak retired would have led the Broncos to victory on Monday? Of course not. Payton is one of the best coaches in the NFL and we’re starting to see that play out over the last two games. The players believe and have the confidence they can beat anyone. That comes from Payton. What’s exciting is Payton won’t let this team get complacent. He’ll expect more ... from the players, from the coaches and himself. Competent coaching matters, and the Broncos finally have it again. - Ian St. Clair

Patrick Surtain II

As a defensive back, your best games typically come when no one talks about you. And that’s what went down on Monday. Stefon Diggs was almost entirely removed from the game thanks to Surtain. When matched up against Surtain, Diggs only managed one reception for 11 yards. That’s it.

Pat Surtain continues to prove that he is clearly the best in the league at his position. He’s on pace to overtaking Champ Bailey as the best cornerback in team history. - Ross Allen

Javonte Williams

Is there any remaining doubt his leg is healed up? After appearing a bit rusty and out of game shape to start the season, Williams has really come on strong the last few games, powering the Broncos run game. It’s clear coach Sean Payton is determined to lean on the run game, and Williams has been showing himself to be an effective work horse. He had 79 yards on the ground on just shy of 4 yards per carry, but his efforts to extend plays, particularly when penalties set the team back, kept the team in the game. - Nick Burch

Who gets your game ball for the Broncos-Bills game? Share in the comments section below.