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Russell Wilson: ‘We’re in this thing together’

The Denver Broncos quarterback’s message right now is keeping up the hard work and staying unified.

Syndication: Democrat and Chronicle Jamie Germano/Rochester Democrat and Chronicle / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s a marvelous Victory Wednesday in Broncos Country — and our third in a row, nonetheless.

Quarterback Russell Wilson met with the press after Denver’s victory over Buffalo, and he made it clear that their belief in one another and commitment to working harder was a main focus. The season now has life to it, but it’s far from over.

“We have to come back to work this week,” he said, “We’re going against a team, the Vikings, at home, who’s been playing some really good football. We’re going to enjoy this win, though. We’re going to celebrate. We’re going to have some fun.”

The quarterback described the win as a “huge one,” not only as victory over the Bills but also a follow-up to our most recent game against the Chiefs.

“This is a good football team we just played. Obviously, the past couple weeks we’ve been playing some really good teams. To beat the Chiefs, to beat these guys, sets the standard of who we should be and who we can be and who we’re going to be.”

Tying it in with questions about the big night, Wilson was asked about his faith and what effect it has on him when it comes to the game. He has always been vocal about his relationship with God, and Monday night was no exception when he credited it as his reason for persevering through tough losses. He quoted his favorite Scripture, James 1:2:

“Consider it pure joy and go through trials and tribulations, because the test in your faith is what builds perseverance,” he shared, “My dad taught me—and my mom, too—that you always keep persevering. That’s what we’re going to do as a team, and we’re not going to blink.”

Ultimately, his main takeaway — from the current season, team, and coaching staff all wrapped up in one — boils down to unity, which has been fostered by the environment Sean Payton has created.

“I think Coach Payton has done a great job of changing this culture and really impacting us as players,” Wilson admitted, “The whole coaching staff has been amazing. We’re in this thing together. We’re battling together. We’re fighting together. We believe in us, and I know Broncos Country believes in us, too.”