Mock Draft 8.0

So as our draft position rises, these mocks start becoming more interesting, So in this mock the following QBs are off the board by 13: Williams, Maye, and McCarthy. So with that, lets get to the draft.

Pick 13 – Michael Penix Jr., QB Washington: He could go higher than this, but with his injury history, I think he will not be a top ten pick, just too much to invest in someone who has had one season staying healthy. For the Broncos it actually is a good gamble, Wilson will be the starter in 2024, Penix can learn the system and will have limited pressure to be on the field right away. Will also allow him to add some muscle mass and hopefully become a little more durable. He has the proto-typical frame of modern NFL QB although a bit skinny now. He has amazing arm talent and can hit all the NFL throws, very good at processing and coming off targets, he is very good at buying time in the pocket and will work to make the play with his arm rather than just run when he gets pressure or nothing is open right away. Has nice touch as well and shows very good accuracy. He will need to improve the footwork and shorten his delivery, but not a ton of issues with his play that isn’t very coachable. The biggest issue is obviously the past injury issues with two ACL, shoulder injuries and his medicals are going to be huge. I think out of the top ten he’s well worth the gamble, especially if you don’t plan on starting him right away.