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Broncos fans are liking where the team is going; not quite sure they are playoff contenders yet

Denver Broncos fans are extremely confident the team is heading in the right direction, but don’t believe they are quite a legitimate playoff contender yet.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos are on a three-game win streak and fans are loving every minute of it since two of those three wins were against perennial AFC contenders. That made me wonder if fans thought that these wins made Denver a legitimate playoff contender in the AFC and just under half of you believe that to be the case.

I also voted against this poll. I think if they keep this ball rolling and end up 6-5 in a few weeks then that might be where I begin to turn towards playoff contender status. However, that doesn't’ mean I am not excited to see where this team is going now. I, along with 91% of you, am loving the direction this team is heading.

I am sure the 9% likely included a few salty Raiders, Chiefs, and Chargers fans no doubt. If Denver can get back to .500 next week against the Minnesota Vikings and then beat the Cleveland Browns, I think they are in really good position to make a strong playoff push.

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