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Vikings at Broncos third quarter recap

The Denver Broncos are down 17-9 to the Minnesota Vikings after three quarters of play, but are threatening to start the fourth quarter.

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos would get the ball to the start the second half down 10-9 to the Minnesota Vikings.

After Javonte Williams was stuffed on first down, the Broncos had a huge Marvin Mims Jr. gain negated by a holding penalty. On second and 17, Russell Wilson threw to Jaleel McLaughlin for a three yard loss. The drive went nowhere and the punt would give the Broncos the third three-and-out of the game.

Meanwhile, the Vikings went back to what gave them the lead to begin with: the run game. Alexander Mattison opening things up with a 9 yard gain, then Josh Dobbs found Jordan Addison for a big gain into Broncos territory to the 42-yard line. Mattison again for a seven yard gain and another eight yard gain from there put Minnesota in prime position to score quickly in the second half.

Denver’s defense got a bit of good play holding a Vikings completion to just two yards, then a false start penalty and an incompletion setup a third and 13. Pat Surtain II would come down with an interception, but he would be called for pass interference to give the Vikings a first down.

The Broncos would force another third and long, but Josh Dobbs would easily saunter in from a run up the middle to put the Vikings up big.

Vikings 17, Broncos 9.

The September Broncos offense had returned to Denver for this game as they picked up yet another three and out to respond to a decisive touchdown by Minnesota. Facing a third and manageable three, Wilson decided to throw a yolo ball 10 yards over the head of the receiver down field. Not pretty.

The Broncos defense was getting run over on the Vikings next drive and it looked like they would put this game away for good, but D.J. Jones came up with a forced fumble on Alexander Mattison and Josey Jewell would recover to save points considering Minnesota was already in field goal range when they turned the ball over.

The third quarter would come to an end with the Broncos driving. Javonte Williams ripped off a 15-yard run on the first play, then Jerry Jeudy for an 18-yard gain on the second play. The quarter would end with Denver getting another first down on a Russell Wilson quarterback sneak. Could they score their first touchdown of the game in the fourth quarter?