"We haven’t done anything yet. We haven’t done anything," he told Stark on NBC. "But we’re heading in the right direction, and that’s the exciting part."

Okay RW whatever - the reality is they've done a lot - a heckuva lot - this isn't the Phoenix rising but might as well be in Denver! They've brought BroncoFan fun in watching the Orange & Blue again - and that's been precious little since the SB win a while ago - like since Von's now on his third team, and Cam means in your phone not on the field. There's been way too many terrible losses since then - the worst of course this season in Miami - we all know the details so enough on the score it sucked the life out of any BroncoFan at a minimum that day and a lot of us had serious doubts concerning the team, the coaching staff and the front office - heck even the ownership wasn't immune. The can't hackit on the sidelines with the loss to the J-E-T-S was no picnic either, another terrible loss in 2023!

Then the 2023 season turnaround - a 1-5 Bronco team with their only ill begotten win coming out of Chicago certainly didn't look like was going to become a thing with the Packers. Yet that two-point gutted out win at least got BroncoFan to enjoy a game against what looked like an equally inept team at that time. Next up the chefs in Denver, well with a fairly close game in KC a 19-8 loss at least we all hoped to be close and not a blowout for BroncoFan - what the what the - broke the trend at 16 games in the KC cursed streak and a win 24-9, now of course Mahomey was sick and should've called out - who cares we'll take two terrible wins - we've had it with terrible losses dammit!

Off to Buffalo so the Bills can get their season back on track. Hey, are you kidding me - a double kicked FG with the second one good that counted - another terrible win and the Bronco's owe an apology to NOBODY as BroncoFan has seen enough terrible losses for a lifetime and time to roll with some terrible wins! Now we've got the passtronaut coming to town and my gawd is he one tough hombre - he just won't go down; he is way stronger now than ever have seen him before in the NFL game - he's making throws with defenders draped all over him. Dobbs giveth on the fumble and taketh away on that TD that Cooper had him dead to rights. In the end it was back to RW & Sutton - and my oh my accept my apologies Courtland as I've been stating at this point in his career and based off the 2022 results Sutton is now limited to being that crafty vet possession receiver. Take that endzone 50/50 catch where he climbed the stairs like preinjury and snagged it away from two defenders - that's the 50/50 WR1 Sutton we've waited now a full two years plus to see come back into the game. Am a big time Jeudy fan but he missed his hero moment on a bobbled catch that was there for the taking in the endzone - hit him right in the breadbasket and he couldn't secure it - well if we have a WR1A and a WR1B am totally down with that problem! Let's sit back and enjoy that win even if RW is stating nothing has been done - well at .500 for this moment of improbability - that's a major something.

VikingFan can bitch and whine about this "terrible win" of the Broncos and their terrible loss in Denver. They can complain about JAX hit to Dobbs, oh well get over it & anything else you wanna call out or bitch about VikingFan. Guess what - Elway in the 1980's with a so-so team put them on his shoulders and carried them to SB runs with a host of "terrible wins" and I don't recall or remember the Broncos ever sending out condolences or apologies. It happens - it's football - just ask Lincoln Riley. Last year USC finished 11-1, Riley was the toast of LA and his QB Caleb won the Heisman - this season they've had a string of terrible losses and they're 7-5 and Caleb can take consolation will be the first player drafted as he sits at home during the premiere bowl games and CFP playoffs. It happens - the Broncos have had since PFM walked out the door in Dove Valley too many terrible losses to count and don't wanna even think about the fun house of mirrors at QB since he's been gone. No apologies by the Broncos or BroncoFan needed. STFU we've been up and down that hill too many times now to worry about pacifying anyone's emotional hurt and pain - try having 70pts shoved up your behind and then call me!

Now it's the Cleveland Browns bringing the electricity provided by one DTR. If you thought Dobbs could move, you ain't seen nothing yet - DTR is capable of turning on the jets at any moment and being gone. When you see him walk on the field, he just looks different - slim a strong arm and fast - and he knows their offense now. As a rookie time to make his life hell, but don't think he'll just rollover and run away - he's got game. Time to get a win against the Browns and beat the odds again and be at 6-5 with a winning record for 2023 - absolutely amazing if can secure this would be fifth win in a row - from 1-5, like watching your great uncle come out of a coma and go back to work.

I've predicted the Broncos worst would be 7-10 and best would be 9-8 this season am sticking to that for now. I do believe it will take a 10-game win column to be a wild card team in the AFC, yet the knot in the race could make it a 9-8 team gets in with about 1000 different tiebreakers being the diff on who's in and who's out. Nobody wants to go there as that faces too many variables - comes down to in my mind win ten and you're in. I've went through the schedule last week to point out where see Broncos can get there - it's possible not probable as have to now go 5-2 which is way better than before last night having to go 6-2 or 75% winning percentage - here's that review:

  • W vs the Browns
  • L vs the Texans
  • L vs the Chargers
  • W vs the Lions
  • W vs the Patriots
  • W vs the Chargers
  • W vs the Raiduhs

How fun would it be if that 10th win comes down to both the Raiduhs and Broncos fighting for it to get into the playoffs & nothing against Antonio Pierce, just the hatred for RaiduhFan that we see them shedding tears as they stay home and Broncos go on to play in a WC game - oh that's XMAS worthy!!! We can all debate in this 10-win scenario where the two losses would come from, for me think could be the Texans, others can state the Lions, or a sweep of the Chargers and losses to the Texans and Lions, or what the heck no losses and a 7-game roll and a 12-5 record.

Right now - this Monday morning absolutely anything looks possible - and that's really what matters for BroncoFan - we can enjoy being a BroncoFan and watching the Broncos!

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