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Wil Lutz: ‘Points are a premium in this league’

Denver Broncos kicker Wil Lutz was of the many keys to their victory on Sunday.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Since gracing the field for the Denver Broncos, kicker Wil Lutz has completed 22/23 of his field goal attempts, putting the team at a major advantage when offense is struggling to get in the red zone.

Last night was no exception. The Broncos’ victory last night was sealed with a touchdown, but wouldn’t have been remotely possible without Lutz’ five field goals.

All in all, Lutz was extremely “proud” of all three phases of their game last night. “I am happy for him [Wilson]. I am proud of the offense and proud of the defense. That is a huge win for this team. It really is.”

Asked if he thought he’d be kicking so many field goals in order to make that win happen, Lutz insisted that he doesn’t think about it that way.

“Points are a premium in this league and we will take them any way we can get them,” he explained, noting that with “two outstanding defenses” that were playing last night, the Broncos needed every point they could get.

“That [was] a huge win for this team. The way the defense played was outstanding. That drive at the end of the game was Russ in a nutshell. What he has done is incredible.”

Along that vein, the kicker talked a bit on his admiration for Russell Wilson, saying, “The guy believes. There is no doubt about that. No matter how the game goes he believes that we are going to win the game at the end. That is what you want under center.”

Next up, the 5-5 Broncos will face the 7-3 Cleveland Browns at Empower Field. It’s bound to be an interesting one for sure, and I’m going to refrain from making any predictions because I’m just superstitious enough to worry about jinxing things.

Broncos, let’s ride!