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Report: Kareem Jackson’s four game suspension has been upheld

Jackson appealed his lastest four-game suspension but this time, he will not see his suspension reduced.

Green Bay Packers v Denver Broncos Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

As we know, the NFL hammered Denver Broncos safety Kareem Jackson with another four-game suspension after his hit on Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs. He received a four-game suspension earlier this season, but after an appeals process, it was reduced to just two games. Well, this time, Jackson will not see his suspension reduced.

According to ESPN’s lead NFL analyst Adam Schefter, the NFL’s hearing officer Derrick Brooks who reduced Jackson’s first suspension has upheld this one, and he will serve his four-game suspension.

Jackson will now sit out games at home vs. the Browns and road games against the Texans, Chargers, and Lions. He will be eligible to return to the Broncos for their Christmas Eve night game vs. the New England Patriots.

With Jackson sidelined, P.J. Locke would figure to take over his starting role moving forward, however, he has been sidelined with an ankle injury. He suffered this injury during the Broncos win vs. the Bills and missed this past Sunday’s game vs. the Vikings. Earlier this week, head coach Sean Payton was noncommital about him playing this upcoming Sunday vs. the Browns.

With Jackson sidelined and Locke potentially sitting out, we could see the Broncos' role with safety Delarrin Turner-Yell or rookie J.L. Skinner opposite of Justin Simmons in the secondary. Skinner was active for the first time this season vs. the Vikings so it’ll be interesting to see if he’ll earn more playing time moving forward or if Turner-Yell and Locke will be the main guys receiving snaps while Jackson serves his suspension.

The Broncos' secondary has been a big reason why the team is on a four-game win streak. They have been forcing multiple turnovers a game, shutting down passing offenses, and coming up with key stops in the late stages of the game. So, hopefully, Jackson’s suspension and Locke potentially sitting out because of an injury does not hurt their momentum moving forward.