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The Broncos win over the Browns was officially an NFL Scorigami

The Denver Broncos 29-12 win over the Cleveland Browns was the 1081st unique final score in NFL history.

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos beat the Cleveland Browns on Sunday with a score of 29-12, which made it an official NFL Scorigami. It’s the 1081sts unique final score in NFL history and it is more fun that is came with the Broncos’ fifth-consecutive win.

It’s crazy that this is a Scorigami considering I’ve seen plenty of teams scoring 29 points, especially since the two-point conversion was added back into the mix. Being a lad in the 1980s, I recall a game against the Chicago Bears that ended in a 31-29 win for the Broncos. Even so, its cool to get the win and the latest Scorigami to add to the list.

Denver is now 6-5 and now deep in the AFC playoff hunt and will travel to Houston next week to take on another 6-5 AFC team in the Houston Texans who are also looking to make some waves in the AFC playoff picture.