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Scenes from the Broncos 29-12 victory over the Browns

The Denver Broncos dominated the Cleveland Browns in the fourth quarter to pull away late moving to 6-5 on the season.

Early in the game and late in the game, the Denver Broncos dominated the Cleveland Browns. In between, they fended off Cleveland’s fight to come back and win the game. They started out with a 14-0 run and ended on a 15-0 run to beat the Browns 29-12 in an NFL Scorigami.

At 6-5, the Broncos are now tied for that seventh seed in the AFC with two other teams. They will face one of them next week and if they can make it six in a row next week against the Houston Texans, they have a really good chance to end up in that seventh seed after that win. For the first time since 2015, the Denver Broncos are enjoying a five game win streak. Broncos football is fun again!