This was like the old days - Bernie Kosar - Brian Sipe - heck even ol' Dave Logan - they came in Browns uniforms, and they left as losers! I get that the Brownies were undermanned and without their QB1 Watson - so what a win is a win in the NFL. Knew DTR was a potential QB1 coming out of UCLA, and he did nothing to disprove that yesterday - smart tough kid with a heckuva an arm, he was throwing dimes under duress - deserves a ton of credit. PJ is what he is, a retread veteran really in for mop-up duty as not a QB1 and realistically not a QB2 anymore either - he was way overmatched and couldn't get out of his own way. Why Stefanik negated the running game - who knows - who cares - he overcomplicated it or just flat out got it wrong - and the outcome was a L.

Took a few mental notes as didn't have pencil & paper so apologize if get details a bit muddy but here's a few things that bothered me in the game and a lot that totally am down with:

  • When is a loss a win - is that historic beatdown 70-20 in reality a win. It's crazy right - this team is showing backbone in spades - have said and believe it that flight back from Miami must have been a horrific experience. The team could go either all-in or all-out - obviously they've chosen all in.
  • Speaking of "jokers" the HC Payton has a rep as somewhat of a joker or smartazz himself - am guessing this season of a tumultuous up & down joyride must have him laughing in the shower every morning by now.
  • Am losing patience with the NFL insistence on not allowing the QBs to be football players. I get that the need for player safety and the CYA aspect involved - that said this is getting utterly ridiculous. If the LB Browning receives a fine for a totally legit hit to DTRs chest that resulted in him landing on his back and head then we're just not playing football, and it's really starting to bore the shit outta me to be honest.
  • While PJ Locke and Cadence Sterns have struggled in the NFL to stay on the field, they both have potential futures if they can get healthy. PJ showed off his skills big time - albeit with one definite hit that was a flag earned - the rest of his game was brick wall solid. Am hoping Sterns can come back as well.
  • Have been begging for Bonito to be on the weak side and be able to wreak havoc over there - finally it happened predominantly this game and how did that work out. Let Bonito the Dorito crunch the QBs, the former bustola play over on that right outside edge - he can handle the LTs and win out - it's the left side strong side he's got issues with by being mauled by right tackles and the running game setting an edge. He's a natural pass rusher, that's his skill set - let him be the TJ like Bonito and get after the QBs!
  • Would someone wake me up when a receiver makes a play on PS2. Yeah, there was one sideline catch that stood out, forget who it was, not Cooper am thinking but might have been. One catch - the Broncos are gonna have to empty out the vault and get an extension done on PS2 as it's never gonna cost less than it will at the moment - no reason to wait until after 2024 or into 2025 as a franchise player.
  • Speaking of CBs with the benching of one of my fave guys in Mathis a spunky little dude and hope he hasn't lost his confidence the secondary has really woke up and been a shutdown type of defensive backfield for the most part. Am psyched to see Moss worked into the mix and am okay with where at now but still see in the draft a potential CB2 selected.
  • LB Sanders really seems to start to be seeing the light. He caught think was Ford not sure, but he was on the edge and if didn't get that dude down there was a lotta green ahead. Am optimistic on Sanders.
  • LB Singleton is such an enigma - he gets to plays that others cannot, and he still whiffs too many times. He's a guy that you dream about having his athleticism and yet Jewell just plays more consistently.
  • WR Sutton though having a few drops is showing he's back and can be a playmaker. With Jeudy, Mimms Jr and Sutton this is a dangerous starting receiver unit. Throw in Li'l Jordan Humphrey and VA former receiver Stills is getting a few snaps too they have some big guys to throw in as depth receivers that can block big time.
  • That was one heckuva catch by Trautman and not surprising really as that's his rep coming outta college as a pass catching TE, that said was disappointed for Manhertz on his number called and the ball didn't go to him. I think Manhertz is going to surprise folks with an ability to be a red zone threat.
  • It's funny when losing games this stable of RBs looked like they were running in mud - now they look like they're running through defenders and being the ones doing the hitting. Perine IMO can be that FB/RB/H-back type of player here that Hillis was in Nawlin's minus of course the QB role.
  • RB McLaughlin has returned to earth - yet don't be shocked to see him have a big game or two down the stretch. Every week am just waiting for him to catch a surf on the edge, or break a seam, he hasn't been able to show it yet on this winning streak but in my opinion, it's going to happen sans injury.
  • The O-line run blocking has to be top shelf with the Iggles and 49'ers in the NFL. They are just mauling people - this old body by Medicare could get a couple yards behind these dudes - they're BADAZZ!
  • The D-line is starting to show - Zach Allen has been consistent most of the season and not the reason for their plight and he showed skills yesterday. Was a lucky play yet DT Jones doesn't care one iota about that - great play and snuffed the Brownies drive.
  • RW looks to be the best RW can be physically right now - he's got his body back to being a yoga master out there - he may no longer be able to ju-jitsu outta being gang tackled anymore but you cannot catch him this year with one defender. RW ain't DTR running around back there, but he's smarter, savvier and he's starting to make correct reads and audibles - something I doubted he would have the capacity as a player to do correctly. He goes nowhere in 2024 barring injury of course. His best right now is good enough to be a QB1 in the NFL and a potential playoff level QB.
  • Let me go down to Nawlins and Payton for a moment and we can sing for joy - WHEN YOU'RE HAWT YOU'RE HAWT & WHEN YOU'RE NOT YOU'RE NOT - the Broncos are one hot team right now and nothing says it better than can feel the excitement the players on the sidelines have just itching to get into the game - hardly anybody is sitting down on the bench or relaxing - they're amped up!!!
Game ball time - let's throw this one out to RW as things are going well not only for the Broncos but for RW as well. I've been as hard on this man as anyone for his play in 2022 and the recent 1-4 losing streak. He was never the problem during that 1-4 stretch, yet as often was said - he was never the solution either - and that's still the case and that is OKAY - why - because the Broncos are playing along with about five other teams total complimentary football. What does that mean, one of the most overused words in the NFL lexicon now - complimentary football. To me it's about a rythm being set between the offense, the defense, and the special teams - where they're all playing up to a level that can compete with their opponents and not cause one or the other to have to so dominate the game that it's unrealistic to expect sustainable wins. The Broncos are being accused of the turnover jumble being too far out of whack in their favor and being unsustainable - nonsense - you create your own opportunities and watching the turnovers as they happen the vast majority are skilled takeaways not luck - sans of course Jones funny rumble on the Brownies YMCA reverse whatever that was play. Here's what I like about RW's game yesterday and why he's getting the game ball that the whole team honestly deserves:
  • The LOS has turned into RWs friend and not his enemy. They had one delay of game penalty believe and that was it - he's now got Payton's playbook assimilated and understood or at least as much as Payton feels is valuable to this team at this time.
  • RW is playing the role of game manager and while let Russ Cook and Russdangerous is far more sexy the reality is at this point in his career he's way better off returning back to the Seachix recipe for success as a game manager - a solid running game and a hungry defense can make him back into an All-Pro caliber NFL QB1 potentially even if the stats are not up there in the top three range of NFL QBs.
  • RW is confident now and has been shown effectively what keys in the defense to look for - he's never called out audibles nearly as much as he is now nor as effectively. That's a key aspect of where Payton has taken RWs game and not one to be underestimated.
  • Last season oh maybe about midway or so an MHR reader commented that RW couldn't start for his son's HS team - of course was hyperbole but get that point - he wasn't making reads, his throws were erratic, and he couldn't outrun the DTs let alone the edge or DEs. Thank gawd that's not the case again for this season as all of that is about a 180 degree change this 2023 season. He's not elite but he sure is at least average as an NFL QB1 and in some ways even above average - who could've predicted that in 2022.
  • RWs reads are getting better as the weeks go by - he'll never be Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, but he's not as locked in - he's looking at other targets at least his second read more often and taking the check down when needed. I was suspect as to whether that could happen and it's still a work in progress, but way improved over 2022.
  • Speaking of which - "pizza - pizza - pizza" - how great is that - and it worked for 19 yards!!!
  • The Broncos are 6-5 in second place behind the chefs at 8-3, while nobody is claiming it's RW that got them there - the fact is they wouldn't be here without RW either.
  • His legs are still effective in making the first man miss - he's also still got a viable arm and the moon ball is still a big-time weapon in his arsenal - he can still play football in the NFL at an QB1 level.
  • The trades damage was extensive - particularly the draft capital lost - yet that seesaw is starting to at least balance out where we're not watching the big fatazz seachix sitting on the ground while we're up in the air yelling to come down!
Russell Wilson at Empower Field At Mile High on Sunday. Jamie Schwaberow / Getty Images

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