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The Broncos are starting to play complementary football again

Denver’s offense shares excitement about playing as a cohesive team and finishing well the last five games.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Complementary football — when each phase is contributing and capitalizing on opportunities given to them by the other phases — is what the Denver Broncos have struggled to accomplish for ... a while now.

Yet, for the last five games, we have seen each team member’s skills complementing one another’s. We’ve seen one unit rather than defense, offense, and special teams living separate lives on the field.

WR Courtland Sutton, who’s lately doing an absolute bang-up job collecting yards and turning them into touchdowns, spoke on the teamwork he’s seen, and how “fun” it’s been to witness.

“We always talk about [the defense] playing off of us and us playing off of them. With special teams doing what they do for both sides, I think it has been really fun to be able to watch,” Sutton said.

“The defense going out there and getting a lot of turnovers, giving us opportunities, giving us short fields to be able to work with, and [the offense is] working to sustain drives so that we can go get points,” he added.

TE Adam Trautman, who caught the TD pass that had to be re-reviewed (the question being whether or not it was actually in bounds), seemed hopeful for continued success. And by the way, he didn’t know he was in bounds when he made that catch.

“I had no idea. Honestly, I thought my knee was out. I mean, I can’t really see—I’m focusing on the ball—but then I saw Coach Payton put his hands up for a touchdown,” Trautman described. “I guess I missed the first replay on the board, but I saw the second one and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m in!’ So yeah, it was awesome.”

Trautman is pretty confident in the team’s abilities and, according to him, it’s a sentiment felt across the roster. “Look at our defense, it’s game after game after game. It doesn’t matter who we’re playing, they show up no matter who it is.”

“We’re super confident, we’re just going to keep at it,” Trautman added. “Even during this whole win streak, we haven’t changed. The practices don’t get easier, nothing. We just got to keep grinding.”

Samaje Perine said it was about the team keeping its composure.

“We knew we did not have to do anything major to get where we are now. We have to fix the little things and not shoot ourselves in the foot,” said the running back, who also scored a TD on Sunday to finish the opening drive. “We have gotten better at that, and we continue to get better every week.”