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Broncos Reacts Week 13: What will Denver’s final regular season record be?

Will they run the table, lose out, or somewhere in between? Vote in our weekly Denver Broncos Reacts survey and let us know!

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After a five game win streak, the Denver Broncos have positioned themselves with a great opportunity to close out the season with a strong playoff push. They’ll need to make it six straight, however, to gain a tiebreaker advantage over a Houston Texans team that is also looking to make a late season push into the playoffs.

Given those facts, I figured it would be interesting to see where Broncos fans are landing on the final record projections. I listed out all of the possibilities below, so pick which one you think will end up being Denver’s final 2023 regular season record and share in the comments why you think that.

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