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Most fans think the Broncos will fight their way back to .500

The Denver Broncos slew the beast in the Kansas City Chiefs and, obviously, optimism is soaring in Broncos Country this week.

The Denver Broncos had their biggest win in seven years when they took down the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs in a dominating 24-9 performance. That means we’ve got some good survey results to share this week!

The biggest question was whether or not fans think the 3-5 Broncos can now run the table to get back above .500 before the season’s over. An 9-8 finish is a 6-3 finish from here on out, which would be an impressive turnaround in all honesty.

Despite 69% of fans thinking the team will get back to .500 this season, still many are doubting the Broncos defense. Only 59% believe in the defense after shutting Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs down to the tune of three field goals. That number was 27% the week prior, so it was still a big jump. I really expected bigger, though.

Speaking of bigger jumps. Broncos Country has reached confidence levels in the direction of this team not seen since the offseason. Beating the Chiefs for the first time in 17 attempts certainly should lead to a 50+ point gain in confidence. If Denver starts stacking more wins in the coming weeks, we could see this number surge even more.

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