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Broncos Week 15 game vs. Lions has been flexed to Saturday night on NFL Network

The NFL announced today that the Broncos week 15 game vs. the Detroit Lions will now be a Saturday night primetime game on NFL Network.

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The NFL announced today that the Denver Broncos Week 15 matchup vs. the Detroit Lions will take place on Saturday night, December 16th, at 8:15 ET on NFL Network. There will be a total of three games on NFL Network that day, Vikings and Bengals at 1 pm ET, Steelers and Colts at 4:30 ET and Broncos and Lions at 8:15 ET.

This is the second time this season a Broncos game has been flexed. This Sunday’s game vs. the Houston Texans was originally slated to be played in the afternoon slot of games but it was moved to the morning slot so they could get more eyes on this key matchup between two postseason contending teams. Now, the Broncos, who are having a similar to the rise the Lions had last season, will travel to Detroit to take on the Lions on Saturday Night Football on NFL Network.

This game right here is likely the Broncos toughest remaining team on the schedule and provide them a tough matchup as they hopefully will be still pushing for a playoff spot at that point and time.

With this game being flexed to a primetime slot, this means the Broncos will play two straight primetime games in a row. We saw them do this a few weeks ago when they traveled to Buffalo on Monday Night Football and then host the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football a week later. This time, they will head to Detroit on Saturday Night before hosting the New England Patriots on Christmas Eve night a week later.

The Broncos are winning again and quickly becoming America’s team once again as they were during their Super Bowl days with Peyton Manning.