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QB Russell Wilson describes post-season outlook: ‘We’re steady-climbing’

Another win in Broncos Country? We’ll take it! And according to Russell Wilson, they aren’t done yet.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Well, folks, it’s a new victory Monday dawning in Broncos Country, and they are officially still in the hunt for a Wildcard slot.

After a 24-7 win over the Los Angeles Chargers, we’ve secured a winning record. Even if we didn’t come out on top last week, I’m legitimately so proud of the growth I’ve seen from Denver this season. They’re hard at work to turn this ship around and play a different song.

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson understands this as well as anyone. In a post-game press conference, he gave high praise to their defense, remarking that there are “so many guys stepping up.”

“Our defense has been amazing, the past seven weeks or plus, I think they’ve been unstoppable,” he stated, “They’ve gotten turnovers and making plays, we’re playing together. I think our leadership on the defense, obviously Justin, Alex Singleton, Josey ... there’s so many guys stepping up.”

The quarterback also gave props to DC Vance Joseph, for being the secondary’s guiding light and keeping it together as they faced a rough start to the year. Wilson also revealed a snippet of a conversation he had with Joseph.

“I told him in the Bears game at halftime, when we came back out at halftime, I just told him ‘Hey listen, I’ve gone against you probably 100 times, you’re one of the best defensive coordinators I know,’” he said, “And one of the toughest guys to go against. I knew that he could turn it around, he’s done a good job.”

The defense isn’t the only hero of the season, of course. Wilson’s had undoubtedly strong field chemistry with WR Courtland Sutton, who stood out tonight with yet another touchdown in addition to his 62 receiving yards.

Asked about the connection between himself and the receiver, Wilson noted the pertinence of their nonverbal communication.

“I think the nonverbal communication is everything, obviously the verbal and the nonverbal...we get to play with guys like Sutton, who cares about the game,” he shared, “His intellectual understanding of what to do in certain situations...especially when our line is blocking the way they did today.”

“He thought top down and said let’s go deep, let’s take a shot,” Wilson recalled, “I tried to give him a chance and he made a great play.”

He rightfully illustrated his feeling of accomplishment and excitement at tonight’s win, with strong acknowledgements of the LA Chargers as a formidable opponent, but he made it clear that their work isn’t yet finished. Wilson compared their current challenge to that of climbing a mountain, and suggested the Broncos are moving steadily upward.

“Listen, I think we’re steady-climbing,” he said, “Climbing a mountain is not easy, you know there’s going to be bumps in the way, and there’s going to be stuff that’s going to try to knock you off.”

Ultimately, as #3 shared, it’s been a team effort and will continue to rest on their ability to work together.

“We have more to do. I think a collective effort you know, from obviously Coach Payton, and all the coaches, the defensive staff, offensive staff, everybody, special teams, we’re all doing it together,” Wilson admitted, “That’s the best part about this game. It’s 11 guys on offense, 11 guys on defense, 11 guys on special teams...everybody is giving their all. I think it’s what’s making a difference.”

The quarterback highlighted some of his speech to the other players tonight, and perhaps his biggest emphasis was on maintaining focus and humility.

“We’re three quarters of the way through and you have to finish the last quarter strong,” Wilson explained, “I think the best thing that we can do is stay focused on us and playing our best football...told the guys in the huddle before the last knee, stay humble and hungry, let’s keep going.”

“We’re not even at our best yet, and that’s a good thing.”