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Broncos GIFCap: Week 14 edition

The Denver Broncos are back in the win column after a commanding road win over the Los Angeles Chargers. Let’s reminisce with GIFs.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off their first loss after five straight wins, all eyes of Broncos Country would be watching to see just how (or if) the Denver Broncos could bounce back after finally getting push back.

As it turns out, the team’s winning mentality that won them those five straight games doesn’t go away so easily, as the team earned it’s seventh win of the season over the Los Angeles Chargers, putting the team back above .500 and a bit closer to playoff reality.

Let’s take a look back at the game in the best way: the GIF way.

Pre-game vibes

The Broncos lost a game they should not have lost last week in Houston, and on paper, they should beat the Chargers as well. Yet, this is the first game in some time the team would be coming off of a loss, so just how they respond is anyone’s guess. The team SHOULD be all right and win without issue, but there exists a slight uneasiness about it nonetheless.

First offensive play...PICK...oy...

Russell Wilson threw three interceptions last week, including the last play of the game. On the first play of this one...more of the same. Although, this one was more of a solid defensive play, as Marvin Mims was stripped of the ball as he was going down, but still...not a great way to start.

And the defense saves!

The interception gave the ball to the Chargers inside the Broncos’ 15-yard line, but the defense stood tall, and on a fourth down attempt, Garrett Everett JUST missed bringing down a would-be touchdown. Turnover on downs.


After a Riley Dixon punt pinned the Chargers deep in there own territory, Justin Herbert had a pass deflected into an interception for Jonathan Cooper inside the ten-yard line!

Javonte Williams TOUCHDOWN!

And for the first time since December of 2021, Javonte Williams met his old friend the end zone by way of a rushing score. 7-0 Broncos.

Russell Wilson sacked on third down? Nooo...

And to start the second quarter after a Chargers punt, Russell Wilson’s inability to stay upright on third down kills the first drive of the quarter.

Catch the ball, Jerry...

It’s been a while since Jerry Jeudy has had a case of the drops, and sure, Wilson could’ve placed the ball better, but at the end of the day, the ball hit him in the hands. As such, he should bring that ball in, and a big play is prevented.

Two ALMOST touchdowns, COME ON!

Ja’Quan McMillian scoop and score!!! Or reversed. Touchdown Jerry Jeudy!!! Or not...keep your freaking feet in, Jerry, this isn’t college. After two near-TD, a field goal from Will Lutz gives the Broncos a 10-0 halftime lead.

Courtland Sutton, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

The defense, now with less of a challenge with Justin Herbert out for the game with an injured finger, continues to do their job and keep the Chargers out of the end zone, but the Broncos need to get IN the end zone. So how does one go about doing that? How about perfect pass protection and a 46-yard BOMB to Courtland Sutton to make a spectacular one-armed catch while being held? Yep, that’ll do. 17-0 Broncos.

Ok let’s not get complacent...

After a period of inactivity from both teams, perhaps the Broncos getting a bit complacent with a 17-0 lead, Chargers backup QB Easton Stuck found rookie Quentin Johnston for a 57-yard gain and followed that up with a 22-yard completion to Johnston. Austin Ekeler would then punch it in from the three-yard line, and with 11 minutes left in the game, the Broncos need to get their minds right.

Excellence in execution

And the minds are right! Russell Wilson responds by engineering a perfect clock-absorbing drive, capping it off with a beautifully drawn play by Sean Payton to find Adam Trautman wide open in the end zone. 24-7 Broncos with just over three minutes remaining. This one is all but over.

And a fumble recovery will do it!

Stick gets blown up by PJ Locke, loses the ball, and Josey Jewell recovers. Victory formation for the offense! Game, Broncos, who sit at 7-6, a game back of the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West.

Looking ahead

The Broncos put together an excellent game vs. the Chargers, the defense continues to be stifling, Russell Wilson threw for over 200 yards and a pair of touchdowns, and the team showed that despite a loss a week earlier, it still is playing winning football. With four games remaining, the Broncos face three teams with backup QBs with losing records, and a critical matchup in Detroit vs. the Lions next week. It’s not out of order to expect this team go 3-1 at the least and push for the playoffs, but either way, the bounce back after starting 1-5 remains remarkable.