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5 things we learned from the Broncos curb-stomping by Detroit

The Broncos got humbled by Detroit on Saturday night. Here’s what we learned from Saturday’s game.

Denver Broncos v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

There’s not much to say after that showing from the Denver Broncos.

Nevertheless, the Broncos got curb-stomped 42-17 by the Detroit Lions on Saturday night.

At 7-7, Denver now has no room for error if it wants to make the AFC playoffs.

Here’s what we learned from the Broncos loss.

Russell Wilson’s fumble set the stage

The Denver offense was poised to get points on the opening drive of the game.

The Broncos had forced a punt and the offense was driving.

Then Wilson fumbled.

The momentum shifted and the rest is history.

Denver couldn’t block or tackle

It’s tough to win games when you cannot do those fundamentals.

The Broncos offensive line was cheeks. The defense was equal cheeks.

Without turnovers, this is the Broncos defense

There’s no question the Denver defense has been better.

But when the Broncos don’t get turnovers, this is what happens.

This was eerily similar to the Houston Texans game.

Why did Sean Payton kick a field goal and punt?

Not that it would have mattered, but have some aggression and don’t throw in the white towel.

You literally have nothing to lose.

Not sure this loss will matter

As much as this loss sucks, I’m not convinced it will matter

I still think the Broncos will make the playoffs.

The Cincinnati Bengals still have to play the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Houston Texans are without C.J. Stroud and will likely lose to the Tennessee Titans. And Houston still has to play the Indianapolis Colts.

The Buffalo Bills will likely lose to the Dallas Cowboys.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are done.

Of course, Denver still needs to win out, but that seems likely (the showing on Saturday notwithstanding).