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Broncos GIFCap: Week 15 edition

An old-fashioned butt whooping puts the Denver Broncos back at .500 following 42-17 defeat to Detroit Lions

NFL: Denver Broncos at Detroit Lions Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports

Talk about being humbled...

Following the first quarter on Saturday night in Detroit, the Denver Broncos could do absolutely nothing on either side of the field to thwart a determined Lions, who decided to make an example of the Broncos as they reminded the league they are still one of the more formidable teams in the NFC.

Enough talking, though, let’s look at some pictures to recap the game.

Pre-game vibes

The Lions are 9-4 and are a bad matchup for the Broncos in several areas. But a win gives the Broncos a MUCH better shot at the postseason, so hopefully the team comes out determined and ready to pounce.

First quarter: a fumble and not much more

The Broncos defense held the Detroit Lions at bay, and the Broncos looked primed to score early, but a strip sack and fumble recovery on the unit’s first drive killed that hope. Oh well, reset the clock, the game starts in the second quarter.

Second quarter: ouch

Okay, so much for the reset button. Apparently, the Broncos hit pause while the Lions hit fast forward. The Lions offense did whatever they wanted, scoring three times on three Jared Goff touchdown passes, and the Broncos offense had -2 yards of offense in the quarter before half. not ideal.

The comeback starts now!

The Broncos came out of the locker room at halftime with a new energy, marching down the field on the receiving kickoff to make it a 21-7 game on a Russell Wilson touchdown pass to Lil’Jordan Humphrey. Offense looks ready, now the defense needs to hold!


The defense, as it turns out, did NOT hold, as Goff picked them apart for multiple big plays on the way to a 28-7 lead. Could’ve used a stop there...

A mess at the goal line

Down three scores, the battle uphill was a steep one, but the team can still come back. They cannot settle for field goals, though...and they do exactly that. After a close call at the goal line where Javonte Williams was marked short, a fullback dive by Michael Burton for a touchdown is called off due to an offsides penalty. The Broncos kick it, and Sean Payton loses his mind on the sideline.

We know where this is going...

After the field goal, the Lions once again march relatively unchallenged to make it 35-10 at the beginning of the third quarter. This is heading where we think it’s heading.

Garbage time TD, congrats if Russ is on your fantasy team

With around six minutes left in the game, the Broncos engineer a too-little-too-late touchdown drive, capped off by a Russell Wilson sneak. A desperation onside kick is recovered by the Lions.

And make it insult to injury

After recovering the onside, OF COURSE the Lions march down the half of the field for another easy score. 42-17 Lions, and finally the disaster can end.

Looking ahead

I won’t lie, that was bad. It was ugly. It was basically a watered down version of the Lion’s game. It can’t happen again. Luckily, the Lions are far and away the best team the Broncos had remaining. Now, they have two straight home contests against bad teams in the Patriots and Chargers and finish off with a road game in a grudge match with the Raiders. This team is still in good position to finish 10-7 and/or make the playoffs. Let’s just hope they got the garbage out of their system.