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Horse Tracks: Payton, Broncos ‘moving on’ to New England

Taking a page out of the Bill Belichick playbook, Sean Payton says the coaches and players both need to just move past the Lions game.

Denver Broncos vs Detroit Lions Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Despite a drubbing by the Detroit Lions and a fast dive down the list of teams “on the outside looking in” for a playoff spot, the Denver Broncos still have a lot of control over their destiny this season.

But it’s going to mean complete games in all phases of the ball and limiting mistakes.

So there could be no better antidote for dealing with that national embarrassment of a game Saturday night than facing the 3-11 Patriots on Christmas Eve (of course, the Broncos have to win and to do that they need to play much better — or they may just find themselves in a tailspin against some of the worst teams in the league).

But despite a losing record, we know all too well the genius that is Bill Belichick, and the last thing the Broncos should do is underestimate a 3-11 team.

Sean Payton surely knows this as he recalled a game between his Saints and the Patriots where Aqib Talib shut down Jimmy Graham all game (in fairness to Talib, he’s just a stud no matter which coach he plays for).

“It’s one of the things that Bill historically has done very well,” Payton said. “He’s going to try to loot your strengths and I think that’s what good defensive coach coaching is—trying to force you to do things maybe you don’t do as well.”

Given the Broncos’ struggles on offense when Russell Wilson doesn’t have time or the running game can’t get going, there’s no doubt Belichick will be looking to exploit those weaknesses.

Pointing out the run game struggles, Payton believes the Broncos are going to have to figure it out if they want to win the final games. And everyone knows they have to win all three to even have a shot at the playoffs anymore.

“Cleveland was the last game where I felt like we ran it really well,” the head coach said. “I think in this next three-game stretch, we’re going to have to run it better than we have.”

It won’t (or shouldn’t) be too hard to improve over the performance against the Lions where Denver scraped a measly 83 yards total in the ground game while allowing David Montgomery to get 85 by himself and Jahmyr Gibbs to add another 100. ONE HUNDRED!

A lot of that was due to this interesting/horrendous stat as noted by Pro Football Focus:

It’s even more appropriate the Broncos host the Patriots this week as Payton is doing his best Belichick impression by “moving on to New England” immediately following Saturday night’s game.

“The key for us is to get rested and get ready for these final three weeks and really starting with this week versus New England,” he said, noting the locker room leadership to do just that. “You can’t lose that game twice. You lost it once and we all did collectively. We all could have been better, and we weren’t. Let’s move forward.”

Saying it and doing it aren’t always the same thing, but Payton said both players and coaches really have no choice.

“We have to have some energy, we have to have some juice, we have to have a plan,” Payton said. “We still want to make sure we get the corrections made. We can’t gloss over some things that we don’t want to repeat themselves, but I think our body language and our energy will be important.”

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Ending on a high note...

And that is unsurprisingly courtesy of Justin Simmons, who did this:

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