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Confidence in Broncos Country takes a big hit after blowout loss to Lions

The Denver Broncs got blown out by the Detroit Lions last week, so now fans aren’t feeling too hot about their chances to make the playoffs.

Last week before the game against the Detroit Lions, 91% of you believed the Denver Broncos would finish either 10-7 or 11-6. That confidence has plunged after their embarrassing 42-17 road defeat. Now only 47% think 10-7 is even in the cards. That’s quite a dip in confidence in just seven days if you ask me.

If you ask me, I think they should win their next two games. Nothing is a given, but those two opponents at home should be quite manageable. The game I’m looking at is in Week 18 on the road against the hated Las Vegas Raiders. People like to talk about how bad they are — and they are — but Denver has not beating the Raiders since 2019. That’s seven straight losses.

Denver has already broken one long losing streak to an AFC West rival this year, so hopefully they can do the same against Vegas.

The second part of the survey this week covered our weekly confidence measure and that tanked to 80%, which is right around where the Broncos ranked after snapping that long losing streak to the Kansas City Chiefs.

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