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Broncos share disappointing ‘lack of execution’ in high-stakes game vs Patriots

The Denver Broncos came out flat in the most important home game of their season in 26-23 loss to the New England Patriots.

NFL: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

All of Broncos Country is feeling another wave of defeat now, and a few key members of the Denver Broncos — including safety quarterback Russell Wilson, safeties Justin Simmons and P.J. Locke, and wide receiver Marvin Mims, Jr. — spoke out on it last night.

“I’m feeling this loss right now. We thought we should have won this game,” Wilson shared, “I think the best thing we can do is get up tomorrow and be with our families, and this and that, and then get back to work.”

“We have two games to go,” he explained, “and those games mean a lot just for who we are and our fight, and our testament of who we are and how we’re going to battle back.”

Safety Justin Simmons was, as usual, kind but straightforward.

“You don’t want to play like this,” he offered bluntly, “I give credit to feeling like we didn’t play nearly as well enough to win this game. I am proud of the team and the way we fought to get to this point, but extremely disappointed in how we executed and, I guess, lack of execution in this game.”

On the lack of execution specifically from the part of the defense, Simmons said, “I obviously haven’t had the chance yet to watch it but that’s always the case. You always have those five, six, seven, eight plays and you don’t know quite when they are...but there are always those plays that pop up.”

“You know, when you lose, you feel it at the end,” he admitted.

P.J. Locke, who started in lieu of Kareem Jackson (even though Jackson’s suspension is over), noted that ‘small errors’ built up to cause bigger outcomes.

“You are scrambling and fighting for every single yard and some of those things come back and hurt you in the end,” Locke confessed.

WR Marvin Mims, Jr., was honestly pretty hard on himself about that fumble resulting in a touchdown for the New England Patriots.

“I felt like, personally, I blew it. That’s a 14-point swing. It cost us at the end,” Mims explained, “I got to be better, I know that.”

Mims noted that his teammates shared some words of encouragement after that moment in the game.

“Just keep going,” he recounted, “Don’t worry about it. Keep going, all of that stuff, but at the end of the day there was still some game left. So just keep playing ball, especially that was on my mind.”

Wilson gave insight on the sense of belief inside Denver’s locker room, despite the way things are looking.

“We have to have a relentless belief that we’re going to come back,” the QB explained, “We hurt ourselves tonight...I kept telling the offense, ‘Let’s just not give up, not give in—not give up, not give in. We’re going to find a way to come back and tie this game up.’”

“We knew we had to go get a touchdown. We knew we had to get a two-point conversion. We knew we had to get another touchdown and another two-point conversion,” he added, “That’s what we did. We thought that we were going to be able to win that game.”

“I thought everybody battled. This meant a lot to us all. It didn’t go our way.”