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Broncos Reacts Week 17: Do you consider the Broncos 2023 season a success?

It’s a tale of three halves this season for the Denver Broncos. Which one do you think prevails this season?

NFL: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There are two games left for the Denver Broncos, but with their playoff odds essentially nonexistent now it is safe to begin thinking about the offseason. It has been an up and down kind of season with some massive lows and incredible highs. But was their season a success?

After starting out 1-5 on the season, the Broncos then ripped off five straight wins, but now have lost three of their last four. At 7-8, they still have a chance to finish with a winning record but for the sake of this argument let’s assume they split the final two games to finish 8-9.

For the last question regarding Russell Wilson, I am mostly curious to see how Broncos Country feels about his future in Denver. I’ll be writing up a separate post around him later this week and will include the results of this survey on that post this Friday.

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