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Russell Wilson shows his displeasure with being benched via his Twitter likes

The Broncos former starting quarterback Russell Wilson was active on Twitter this afternoon.

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

As we now know, Sean Payton told the team and quarterback Russell Wilson that he would be benched in favor of backup quarterback Jarrett Stidham. This news was shocking while also not totally surprising considering how the Broncos have played over the past month.

Since this initial report, more and more have started to come out about how all this went down. We have a confirmed report stating the Broncos threatened to bench Wilson if he did not remove his injury guarantees from his contract. Payton and the team continue to say this move was purely football-related and was to provide a “spark” to a struggling offense. However, Wilson’s contract and looming option in March clearly have some impact on this decision.

Reports indicate that Wilson will serve as the number two quarterback moving forward however, the Broncos quarterback seems a bit disgruntled. Wilson, who typically is overly positive and calculated on Twitter and other social media platforms seemed to show his displeasure with his benching today. His Twitter likes are filled with tweets from reporters and analysts who have all questioned this move and pointed out the sort of year that Wilson is having.

Something like this is a bit out of character for Wilson who is known for being typically overly positive and not controversial in public and on social media. However, these likes show a clear displeasure and disagreement with his benching and could lead to more drama down the road.

Initial reports indicated that Wilson would continue to dress on gamedays and serve as the Broncos number two quarterback. However, could we see a change in that after these likes and see something like we saw last year with the Raiders and Derek Carr?

At the end of the day, this appears to be a messy and likely expensive divorce between the Broncos and quarterback Russell Wilson.