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Ahead of New Year’s Eve game, Sean Payton discusses ‘keys’ to winning at home

“We have to... become a better team this week.”

NFL: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Plenty has been circulating the Denver Broncos news outlet this week, perhaps the most highlighted being the decision to bench QB Russell Wilson. There are additional reports that he was threatened with being benched a few months back, and that he expects to be cut from the roster in the offseason.

With quarterback Jarrett Stidham starting the last two games of the season, and with Sean Payton trying to strategize with the remainder of their playtime, the head coach was asked for his insight on the key to homefield victories.

His answer was clear and simple: be a good team.

“Honestly, the better teams win a lot of games at home, and the teams in the middle of the pack win some games at home, and the poor teams struggle at home,” he explained, “It’s the same thing when you have a good team that wins on the road. They’re a good team first. They’re not a team that knows how to win on the road, and oh, they become a good team.”

As for the Broncos? “We have to become a better team this week, then obviously, take advantage of playing at home,” he said.

Inevitably, the playoffs were brought up again, but really only to inquire about whether Payton discusses the playoffs with his team. According to him, there isn’t much of a need for that.

“The way it’s covered, I don’t think I have to discuss it. When these guys come in here tomorrow morning, the message is going to be about winning this game—our last home game,” he insisted, noting that they haven’t played up to their expectations so far in home games this year.

“This is our last opportunity to play a home game, and it’s going to be about getting this win,” he continued, “It’s going to be that short sighted if you will. The next seven days, and then kind of go from there.”