What a ride - 5 games later you knew this had to come to an end at some point. Here's a few things we should be honest about:

  • Looking at the schedule when announced who'd of thought the game with the Texans would be for a WC playoff spot most likely.
  • Who'd of thought after the 70-point debacle in Miami the Broncos would be playing a meaningful game again this season.
  • As much as like McGlinchey in run blocking, what was that all about with DE Anderson, I get he could be the DROY yet still you're a veteran, gotta be better.
  • The Broncos looked a step slow today, not sure if was scheme or - being a step slow - there is still a need for younger players and faster game played.
  • The analysts claim CJ is akin to RW when young - rubbish two totally different players. RW when was young was a dynamic player who could rise up from anywhere and make a broken sandlot play. CJ isn't that guy, more a cerebral type that knows his reads and hits them. In this game the rookie flat out was a better QB than the veteran - he just was.
  • Hopefully this becomes a rivalry type of game with the bad blood associated with that type of game, akin to the Steelers vs Raiduhs - LB Singleton put in his two cents in a bad move taking a penalty but he did make a point with Stroud.
  • Broncos were given time after time to pack it in - and just did not - this is a roster of tough guys and not quitters.
  • There will be changes in 2024, there has to be changes - yet this team may very well be remembered for the team that started the road back for relevance in Denver.
  • The Broncos rhythm in particular on offense clicks at times and then goes missing far too long with drives stalled, punts or the dreaded turnover now hitting too.
  • RW is showing guts - he's one tough hombre, that last drive and hit laid on him was a bone crusher though do think was a legal hit as well as K-JAX hit in the chest was called a roughing penalty.
  • Can go into more detail about the game - yet that will be done ad nauseum on blogs this week - will wrap it up with what a fun ride the Broncos gave BroncoFan when nobody saw it coming & let's hope for the best as the season winds down.
  • The Broncos look not to be there yet - where is there - there is a contender for playoffs, they still look to have holes to fill in the roster and players needing snaps before are ready to contend.
  • Playoffs most likely are not gonna happen - yet my worst 7-10 should be crushed and my best 9-8 should definitely be attainable with an outside shot at the 10-7 record and a slim possibility of a WC seed still in play!

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