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Broncos GIFCap: Week 13 edition

The Denver Broncos dropped a road loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday afternoon, so let’s recap the disappointment using GIFs

NFL: Denver Broncos at Houston Texans Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a good while since we’ve done a GIFCap following a Denver Broncos loss, and alas, all good things must come to an end, so let’s get down to it.

Pre-game vibes

Suffice it to say, the vibe surrounding Broncos country is a tad different than the first six weeks of the season. I’m not sure it could be classified as “cocky”, per se, but there did not seem to be many picking against the Broncos. It has been some time since so much confidence has spread across the fan base.

Three-and-out by the defense to start the game...let’s go

Sorry, haters, the defense is still playing like an impenetrable force. A three-and-out will give the Broncos offense, the weaker of the two units, a chance to show how they’ve grown during the streak.

Step in whenever, offense

The growth? Well...there isn’t much to show. The Broncos go three-and-out twice and allow a Houston Texans’ field goal in-between. The defense then finally breaks and gives up a touchdown while the offense can only answer with a four-play, 20-yard drive to give the ball back to Houston, who exits the first quarter with 13-0 lead. Hey game manager Russ, is big play Russ in there anywhere?

That’s a LITTLE better

The defense forces a punt, and the Broncos offense finally chips away for a 56-yard drive and a field goal. They stopped the Texans and found a small bit of life on offense. The start of something?

Second half and second pair of back-to-back three-and-outs

This offense just can’t make the plays when it needs to. The Texans get another field goal to take a 16-3 lead.

A big play, FINALLY

And Russell Wilson finds Courtland Sutton for a 45-yard touchdown! Life! Momentum??

Momentum...given back

Following a Texans punt, Russell Wilson immediately finds...Derek Stingley of the Texans. Interception. The Texans score off of it to make it a 22-10 game when the two-point conversion attempt is picked off.

Life once again?!?!?!

And the Broncos answer! Wilson connects with Jerry Jeudy for another big play of 40+ yards, tasting redemption, and then punches it in himself from the one-yard line. If the defense can hold and Broncos offense has found itself, this has the making of a come from behind win. Let’s do it!

Defense good, and offense (especially Russell Wilson) bad

The defense did its part while Russell Wilson and the offense accounted for two interceptions the final two drives after the touchdown. The last drive started out promising with a big play to Courtland Sutton over the middle, and the unit eventually found themselves inside the 10-yard line with four downs and 30 seconds. Wilson’s interception came on the third play, an ill-advised attempt to the tight end. Game over. Streak over. Playoff chances diminished.

Looking ahead

The team lost the game and should have won it. Russell Wilson threw three terrible interceptions and once again was below 200 yards in the air. The offense had zero third down conversions of 11 attempts. It was a tough one to stomach.

Yet, this team was bound to slip up at some point, especially with the way the offense has been struggling. Yet, the chances do remain for a playoff spot, or perhaps more likely, a winning season. A loss stings, but this team has shown a lot of grit in recent weeks that suggest it can bounce back. We’ll see how the guys respond in Los Angeles.