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Report: Broncos could put OT Garett Bolles on the trade block

A few surprise names could be on the trade block.

NFL: OCT 06 Colts at Broncos Photo by Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

According to KOA’s Benjamin Allbright who appeared on the Sports Zoo with Dave Logan, Ryan Edwards, and Big Al, the Denver Broncos could potentially be shopping a veteran starter. Allbright states that the Broncos might be exploring a trade of left tackle Garett Bolles this offseason. You can hear his full segment on the Sports Zoo here.

He states that there is no guarantee that Bolles will be traded but that they will likely explore a trade to see what kind of market he has out there. A lot of teams need a starting left tackle and the Broncos could ultimately get something solid in return for Bolles.

Moving on from Bolles would be a curious move for the Broncos. He is far from a top-tier left tackle, but the Broncos have a ton of needs already along the offensive line. Moving on from Bolles would create a large hole at left tackle and have the team looking for two starting tackles this offseason. So, the return would have to be pretty good for the Broncos to pull the trigger on a trade that includes Bolles.

Allbright also states that Bolles would probably not restructure his contract for the Broncos which is probably a big reason he may be on the block. So, we shall see if anything comes from this in the coming days and weeks.

Another surprise name who could join Bolles on the trade block is wide receiver Courtland Sutton per Allbright. He states that they are not necessarily shopping him but if the right deal came around, they would pull the trigger. Of the two, this seems the most unlikely of the two, but a weaker receiver draft and free-agent market could increase the value of someone like Sutton.

He also notes cornerback Ronald Darby as a trade candidate, but he seems most likely headed towards a restructure or potentially even a release.

As for names that are not being shopped, he states that Patrick Surtain II (obviously) and wide receiver Jerry Jeudy will not be shopped. There were rumors of Jeudy being on the block during the trade deadline last fall, but he appears to be a key member of Sean Payton’s offense moving forward. A strong second half where he emerged as the Broncos' top receiver likely elevated his status with the team.

As we know, the Broncos are without a first or second-round pick in this year's draft and could be looking for ways to acquire more picks this offseason. That would be why the Broncos would be looking to shop and/or put Bolles and Sutton on the trade block. Also, factor in a new head coach coming in and we could see more player movements this offseason.


Like with everything else with the Broncos this offseason, we have a conflicting report.

Despite reports/rumors stating otherwise, DNVR’s Zac Stevens has been told per sources that there have been “zero talks” about a trade of Garett Bolles.

After a coaching search that had a report followed by a conflicting report, this should not come as a surprise. In the end, we shall see who is right in the end.

Update #2

Allbright who initially reported the Bolles trade rumors responds to the conflicting report.