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Broncos hire strength and conditioning coach Dan Dalrymple

Former New Orleans Saints strength and conditioning coach Dan Dalrymple will join Sean Payton with the Denver Broncos.

New Orleans Saints 2011 Headshots Photo by NFL via Getty Images

Sean Payton is bringing back an old friend onto his Denver Broncos coaching staff. Mike Klis of 9News has confirmed that Dan Dalrymple will be the teams new strength and conditioning coach. He will replace Loren Landow to try and get the teams injury issues back under control.

Dalrymple joined the Saints staff in 2006 with Payton and was the teams head strength and conditioning coach during Payton’s entire tenure there. He was out of football last season.

Due to the Broncos rather problematic injury issues since Landow took over in 2018, we’ve actually done extensive review of the issue in comparison to the rest of the league. Given Dalrymple’s tenure with the Saints, we can check back on those posts and see where the Saints stood over time with him.

The measure of those posts from Joe Mahoney is the “Adjusted Games Lost” metric, since that tends to show how injured a team was in comparison with the mean.

The Broncos metric in this stat increased in every season since Landow took over. However, if we look at the Saints over that 11 year span of data we can see that the Saints had a couple of bad injury years mixed in with mostly average or good injury years. That shows those seasons were more based on the injury luck issue than a systemic issue.

Given the difficulty with judging a strength and conditioning coaches skill, this is likely the best metric one could grade them on. Their job is to keep players fit and ready for a long, grueling season. You have to look at the trends and take in the full picture. The full picture clearly told us that Landow was not doing a great job in Denver, while it sure looks like Dalrymple was able to keep Payton’s teams relatively healthy year in and year out for 16 seasons.

We’re missing 2022 data from here, but I’d bests the Broncos 2022 season was the most injured they have been since 2010. Overall, this looks like an outstanding hire and a huge upgrade over Landow.