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Sean Payton, Greg Penner welcome Beau Lowery as VP of Player & Health Performance

Lowery, formerly on staff with the New Orleans Saints, has received praise from the Broncos organization and QB Drew Brees.

NFL: Super Bowl LVII-Kansas City Chiefs vs Philadelphia Eagles Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Along with a long list of coaching announcements, the Denver Broncos recently shared that Beau Lowery has been hired as VP of Player & Health Performance.

According to CEO Greg Penner, player health is a “top priority” for the Broncos organization. While that should be a given, this particular hire could be a breath of fresh air, given that the Broncos were so heavily injured last year and are in dire need of a healthier season.

Although most previously employed by LSU, Lowery had served on staff of the New Orleans Saints under HC Sean Payton and alongside QB Drew Brees, who had nothing but positive feedback for Lowery.

“Beau added years onto my career,” Brees stated, “His vision, leadership, character and process for sports performance and physical therapy are second to none. There is no better person you will find in this role to equip the team for health, recovery, and success.”

Payton added his own remarks about the hire, describing Lowery as the “best” he’s ever been around.

“He was a complete game-changer for us in New Orleans who reshaped how we operated in our training room and throughout our sports performance areas,” Payton elaborated, “We are excited to welcome Beau to the Broncos and look forward to the positive impact he will have on our team.”