Post Pro-Bowl Mock Draft, the Zach Draft

This mock draft I went for some realistic expectation regarding trading back picks. I looked for players who I think have a chance of becoming solid starters in the NFL, figuring that we will try to address the offensive line mainly through free agency.

Traded 3rd rounder for a later 3rd, 4th round and 2024 R6 pick

Pick 68 – Zach Harrison, Edge Ohio State – My belief is after the combine, he likely moves up quit a bit. He’s one of the true athletic freaks in the draft being 270lb and likely running sub 4.5 40-yard dash. Unfortunately his production has never lived up to his athletic prowess. There are some things he needs to work on and I think he may be a player that just needs some solid coaching to flourish. He won’t be expected to be a starter immediately and can learn and grow during the season in a rotational situation.

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Pick 90 – Zach Charbonnet, RB UCLA – This is the type of back that works well in Payton offense. He’s big but also catches the ball well out of the backfield and is versatile as a runner. He’s good between the tackles but has the speed to get to the edge and outrun LBs, does a good job getting north and south quickly and does not try to dance. He needs to get better at pass blocking and blitz pickup, he has the size and strength to be an excellent blocker but tends to just go for sloppy chop blocks.

Zach Charbonnet - Football - UCLA

Pick 108 – Luke Wypler, C Ohio State – With a new offensive coaching staff, I don’t know what the fate of Cushenberry will be. I kind of feel that his game film last season wasn’t great and either through the draft or free agency they will likely try to upgrade the center position. Wypler is very smart and over the past two seasons did not surrender a sack. He’s athletic enough to get to the second level and hits a moving target. He uses his hands well and plays with a mean streak.

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Traded 4th rounder for 5th and 6th rounder.

Pick 141 – Zacch Pickens, DL South Carolina – He’s a guy who can generate a good pash rush from the inside. He’s a natural 3-4 end who can hold up to double teams and has the ability to beat one on one blocks. He will need to develop more pass rushing moves in the pros but should be able to be a solid rotational defender with long term ability to move into a starter role.

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Pick 175 – Ryan Hayes, OT Michigan – He had a very good year last year and has excellent length and size for the position. He does play a little high at times and can get beat with leverage. He does have the speed and quickness to play well at the tackle position and seems to be gaining in his understanding and play as he drastically improved from 2021 to 2022. He works well in the run game getting to the second level and playing with a mean streak. Might be one of the more underrated prospects coming out. He likely won’t be ready to start in 2023 but is a player you can likely groom for a starter role in 2024.

Ryan Hayes - Football - University of Michigan Athletics

Pick 196 – Dylan Horton, Edge TCU – This was a value pick here, Horton definitely had good production last season after having a somewhat frustrating career. He’s a guy who seems to be putting it all together at this point, he’s going to put up some eye popping numbers at the combine. He originally started as a safety and moved into a edge player, so he is hyper athletic, he’s got nice length and is fast. He is still learning the position so he does have issues consistently setting the edge as a run defender and tends to play too high still. But as they say, can’t have too many DBs or people that can get after the QB.

Dylan Horton - Football - TCU Athletics

Pick 207 – Carrington Valentine, CB Kentucky – This is more of a pick for someone who should be excellent on ST based on combination of size and speed and will need to work on his technique to be a factor on defense. He has nice combination of size, length and speed, he just does not play up to his abilities consistently and gives up too many routes over the top, tends to try to make a flashy play versus the solid play. If he will accept the coaching, he has the tools to be a solid CB in the league.

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Pick 239 – SirVocea Dennis, LB Pittsburgh – If he was about 15 lbs heavier he would likely be a 2nd round pick. He’s been very productive and a leader on the Pittsburgh defense. Has great range, a violent tackler, and shows good coverage skills and ability to get to the QB. Issue is his size at 220 lbs he will not be able to consistently shed blocks and will not be able to hold the point of attack. That being said, he’s the type that I always want on a team as a playmaker who finds a way.

SirVocea Dennis - Football - Pitt Panthers #H2P

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