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Broncos officially welcome Sean Payton

Above and beyond the team press conference and prior interview today, QB1 Russell Wilson and veteran safety Justin Simmons took to Twitter to say hello to Sean Payton.

NFL: Denver Broncos Head Coach Sean Payton Introductory Press Conference Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a new era.

The Denver Broncos officially welcomed Sean Payton into Broncos Country today with an introductory press conference, where owner/CEO Greg Penner, GM George Paton joined him to discuss their vision of the team’s future.

Payton and Paton. Hopefully that doesn’t get confusing!

“Last month, I said that we were looking for a strong leader who could build a winning culture,” Penner stated in opening, “One with accountability, discipline and also build a really strong identity on offense. I could not be prouder of where we came out and we have the perfect coach in Sean Payton.”

Paton echoed these sentiments, describing himself and Sean Payton as being “aligned” on how they wanted to build this team.

Along with the Broncos staff, a few players have already chimed in on Twitter to offer their welcome and excitement for having Payton, namely QB1 Russell Wilson and safety Justin Simmons.

There is good news for Wilson in that Paton wants to help him do what he does best, instead of shoehorning a different playstyle for him. “None of us want to be at a karaoke bar with a song we don’t know the words to,” the coach illustrated, “How do we how do we get them comfortable and highlight their strengths? That’s the process that’s going to begin right now.”

“I’m learning about every one of these players, not just Russell,” he clarified.

Payton also shared that, coming into the organization, he has his own standards without judging whatever standards were previously set.

“With any team or any organization, you have law and order as Bill [Parcells] would say. There’s a certain unselfishness to being a part of a team. You come in with your standards, but you’re not coming in indicting anyone else’s. You are just coming in with, ‘This is how we’re going to teach; this is how we’re going to meet, and this is how we’re going to practice.’”

The coach compared this process to knocking the rearview mirror off an automobile.

“We’re just looking forward.”

Welcome to Broncos Country, Sean Payton! I think we’re all cautiously excited to see what will unravel next season.