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Payton hints that ‘Team 3’ will not be part of his new world order in Dove Valley

Though he didn’t say Russell Wilson’s private entourage of specialists would have no place in the building, the new head coach hinted that things would be different - and only his hired people will be out there coaching.

DENVER BRONCOS, NFL Photo by AAron Ontiveroz/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

In his opening presser, Sean Payton hinted at a new order.

An order where the coach is in charge and the quarterback - while uber important to the success of the franchise - is a team player.

Not a guy on an island...with an office and his own staff.

“I’m not familiar with that,” was Payton’s comment then and again later with 9NEWS’ Mike Klis.

“I’m going to hire the coaching staff. There’s going to be a certain method of how we practice and how we prepare,” Payton told Klis. “What was done prior - some of it common, some of it unique - is of no importance to me.”

And then Payton indicated that Wilson’s entourage - family, personal coaches and hired staff - would not be part of his operation at Dove Valley.

“Certainly we’re not going to have private individuals out there coaching,” he added. “If they’re on our staff, they’ll be out there.”

In regards to Wilson, Payton seems to already have a clear vision where he needs to start - designing the offense for Wilson’s strengths.

And doing that is what he labeled the “No. 1 job for us as coaches.”

Hallelujah. If he accomplishes that, he may be the first coach in a long time in Denver to actually do it after saying it.

In fact, he had a great line about why it’s so important.

“None of us want to be at a karaoke bar with a song we don’t know the words to,” Payton said. “So how do we get them comfortable and highlight their strengths? That’s the process that’s going to begin right now as I’m learning about every one of these players, not just Russell.”

But what Payton does know about Wilson - and he’s worked with him at the Pro Bowl and certainly followed his Seahawks’ career as a team the Saints faced often in NFC matchups - is that Wilson is a hard worker.

“I know he’s an extremely hard worker. That’s important and I think you take that skillset,” Payton said, noting Wilson won a lot of games with that skillset. “It’s the same case and same goal for us with every player on this roster. What do they do well?... I kind of was taught early on, what is it they do well and let’s have him do those things.”