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Fan Overreactions: Time to move on from Dre’Mont Jones?

Broncos Country determines if the following statements are overreactions or not.

Sean Payton has officially been named the next head coach of the Denver Broncos, and he’s already made it clear that this franchise is going to undergo changes over this offseason and the season. One of the biggest changes is going to be in regard to team culture, so you might not be able to keep certain guys on, especially if they’ll be demanding a large payday as they enter into free agency.

But it’s once again time to see what Broncos Country thinks about the following three statements. I’ve compiled them through fan sentiment seen over social media, as well as news that has come out around the team. The results come from polls over on our Instagram, so make sure to drop a follow so you can make your voice heard. And go ahead and sound off in the comments with your thoughts as well!

The Broncos need to move on from Dre’Mont Jones

Dre’Mont Jones was undoubtable one of the biggest defensive factors this season, and was the main productive piece on the defensive line. He compiled 47 tackles, 6.5 sacks, nine TFLs, and a forced fumble. But because of this, he’ll likely be looking for a contract around $20 million a year. Denver will already be looking to bring in a heavy amount of free agents, especially offensive lineman, so they might not be able to afford a large contract for Jones. Another thing that isn’t helping the “resign Jones” case is what Sean Payton has said, and what Jones has been doing on Twitter.

Payton is adamant on setting a new tone and changing the culture, and it’s hard to keep a guy that is liking tweets that are criticizing team moves, the new coach, and your franchise quarterback.

Poll results: Overreaction (69% of votes)

If healthy, Denver will have a Top 5 wide receiver corps by the end of next season

Here is what the Broncos’ receiving room will look like next year: Jerry Jeudy, Tim Patrick, Courtland Sutton, K.J. Hamler, and Montrell Washington. Heck, technically he isn’t a wide receiver, but Greg Dulcich is going to be huge in the passing game. This is a room that is going to be filled with talent. It does depend on how Patrick comes back from injury, if Jeudy can keep his play trending in the right direction, and if Sutton can find his game again. Will all of this allow for them to reach the tops of the league? And will Russell Wilson’s play aid or get in the way of the WR room’s success?

Poll results: Not an overreaction (66% of votes)

Denver should bring in Jameis Winston to serve as competition for Russell Wilson

Another move that is being talked about in Denver is bringing in some competition for Russell Wilson. And Saints quarterback Jameis Winston is set to hit free agency. Payton has already been bringing in former Saints coaches, so that might result in players being signed too. Some competition behind Wilson, besides Brett Rypien, might be the proverbial fire under his proverbial butt, and bring back the Russell Wilson of old. Or at least give us the Russell Wilson from Week 18, but for the full year.

Poll results: Overreaction (66% of votes)