Draft Hypothetical-Trade Back

This is more philosophy than the mechanics or Point Chart values, but an interesting question:

IF you could trade BOTH 67 & 68 down 10 to 15 slots and pick up THREE additional picks for each third rounder in this years draft (only), do you do it? So, this is a 4 for 1 trade on back to back picks, which moves total picks up to 11. Also, lets assume this are evenly distributed across later rounds. So, just to clarify, lets say you get picks in Rounds 3,4,6,7 for each of 67 and 68.

Good: Paton likes 10 picks, multiple picks increases chances to hit. Also, I think O-line and D-line are classic 3-5 round selections, with a decent chance of getting some average to good players.

Bad: Giving up better slots, less percentage likely for the individual picks to hit, are late picks better than UDFA or Free Agent equivalents for money investment.

Do you pull the trigger? Let me know in the comments.

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