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Report: Broncos have received trade calls for wide receivers Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton

Teams are reportedly calling the Broncos about the availability

Philadelphia Eagles v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

According to ESPN’s NFL insider Dianna Russini, multiple teams have called the Denver Broncos about the availability of wide receivers Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton. She was told the Broncos are “not shopping them” but are taking the calls and listening to offers.

This tweet and report came out after wide receiver Courtland Sutton tweeted out: “I just want to be where I’m wanted and appreciated”. This had many within Broncos Country wondering what he meant, especially amid the trade rumors surrounding him recently. There were whispers and rumors of a veteran being on the trade market a few weeks back and then it came out that the Broncos were “quietly shopping” Sutton at the combine. So, add all this with Sutton’s tweet and you can start doing some dot-connecting.

Now, Russini was told the Broncos are not shopping Jeudy or Sutton, but they are listening to the offers. At the Combine, Matthew Berry of NBC Sports heard that the Broncos were not actively shopping Sutton, but would move him if they received a decent offer. So, this kind of confirms what Berry heard at the combine.

I’m told the Broncos are quietly shopping Courtland Sutton. Not actively pushing him, but definitely trying to see if there’s a trade market for him, and if they get a decent offer, would move him.

So, it sounds like the Broncos aren’t actively calling teams about Sutton, but are very open to at least listening to what other teams are willing to offer. If they can get what they want, they will pull the trigger on a trade.

As for Jeudy, I would think the Broncos would have a pretty high price tag on him. It is unknown how Payton feels about the former first-round pick, but Jeudy’s strong second half has to at least intrigue him. I think Sutton is the more likely of the two to be traded, but who knows?

As we know, the Broncos only have five draft picks right now and do not pick until the beginning of the third round. It seems unlikely that they will get back into the first round, but I would imagine they would want to get back into the second round, if possible. Potentially trading Sutton would at least achieve that and potentially bring back more as well.

With the legal tampering period only days away and the start of free agency happening next week, things are starting to heat up, The Broncos cleared about $27 million dollars in cap space, may be active in free agency, and could make a big trade or two as well.