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NFL free agency like Christmas morning for Broncos fans

When it comes to free agency, it will be very interesting to see what the Broncos decide to do.

Good morning, Broncos Country!

I’ve always felt this time of year in the NFL is like Christmas.

Since Denver Broncos fans haven’t had any reason to get excited over the last seven years, this is about all we’ve had. But now with Sean Payton in the fold, this is different. And I totally get the cynics who will say, “They have to win the field first.” But there’s no doubt this is different. Payton has been there. Done that.

The other aspect at play: This is the first time we’ll get to see the #WalmartMoney at play from the Walton-Penner ownership group in NFL free agency. The wealthiest owners in the NFL can take a model from Stan Kroenke and the Los Angeles Rams on salary cap management. Heck, even the New Orleans Saints, who were in cap hell and somehow just signed Derek Carr.

There have been reports that the Broncos will be aggressive. How aggressive and how quickly? And who will Denver target? You’d think the offensive and defensive lines, but nobody really knows. Based on the head coaching search and the hiring of assistant coaches, don’t expect leaks. When George Paton, Greg Penner, Payton and the Broncos want it announced, it’ll get announced.

When it comes to free agency, every fanbase is hopeful their team makes the moves to get them closer to contention. What Denver decides to do will be very interesting. To go back to the Christmas analogy: Hopefully Broncos Country gets a Red Ryder BB Gun and not a bunny costume. The Broncos don’t need any more help looking ridiculous.

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