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Report: Patriots, Browns, and Cowboys are among the teams calling the Broncos about Jerry Jeudy

We have more smoke surrounding the Jerry Jeudy trade market.

Denver Broncos v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

According to KOA’s Benjamin Allbright who covers the Denver Broncos, sources have told him that the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, and New England Patriots are among the teams who have called about wide receiver Jerry Jeudy. Allbright confirms that the asking price remains high and that the Broncos are asking for a first-round pick, or a high second pick and a player in return for him.

Yesterday, we learned from The Athletic’s Jeff Howe that the Denver Broncos are asking for at least a first-round pick in return for Jeudy, and today we learned a little bit more. Allbright confirms the first-round pick asking price, but the high second-round pick plus a player is an intriguing demand as well.

As of right now, the Cleveland Browns do not have a first-round pick because of the Deshaun Watson trade but do have the 42nd overall pick in the second round. So, if they want Jeudy, it sounds like they would need to include a player in return as well.

The Patriots have the 14th overall pick in the first round of the draft and I doubt they are keen on giving that up, so they seem like another second-round pick plus a player team as well. As of now, the Patriots have the 46th overall pick in the second round.

As for the Cowboys, they would likely have to give up their first-round pick which is currently at 26th overall. Allbright report states that they want a high second-round pick and right now, they have the 58th overall pick in the second round. That’s on the back end of the second round and is basically a third-round pick. So, they would likely have to give up a 1st if they wanted Jeudy.

The interest in Jeudy remains high and it is clear that the Broncos have a high asking price for Jeudy. If a team wants him, they will need to give in to the Broncos' demands and give them what they want. The receiver market is beginning to dry up so if a move is going to happen, it seems like it will be happening sooner rather than later.