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Report: It doesn’t appear that the Broncos are interested in moving WRs Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton

Klis states the Broncos were in talks but for now, have decided to keep the two talented receivers.

Philadelphia Eagles v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

According to 9NEWS Denver’s Mike Klis, the Denver Broncos have been receiving calls from interested teams, with some being aggressive with offers for wide receivers Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton. However, he states that it does not appear that the Broncos are interested in moving them.

We have heard about these trade rumors all week and they continued into today. Earlier we heard that the New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, and Dallas Cowboys were among the teams calling the Broncos about Jerry Jeudy. The Broncos reportedly had a high asking price of a first-round pick or an early second-round pick and a player for him,

As for Sutton, we have not heard about interest or an actual asking price, but for a few weeks now, we have heard rumors that they would listen to offers for him as well.

All reports indicated that the Broncos had a high asking price for both and it appears that no team has met those requirements. They weren’t shopping either receiver but were listening, and if you gave up what they wanted, they might make a deal. If not, they would move on with both receivers.

Klis continued and said that Jeudy emerged during the second half of last season and there is hope that Sutton can return to his 2019 form. The addition of offensive guru Sean Payton running the offense should help both continue to break out or return to their previous forms.

Now, I am putting my tin foil hat on here and doing some speculating. The Broncos reportedly made an aggressive push to sign Allen Lazard(was confirmed by multiple sources). That’s not a thing a team does when they are confident in their top three receivers. One was a first-round pick and two others who just signed extensions. So, their actions make me skeptical about these comments in Klis’s second tweet.

Also, I just think the Broncos were not getting the return they wanted for both Jeudy and Sutton. The initial reports indicated that they were not on the block, but would listen to calls and offers. So, it is easy to assume that no team would give in to the Broncos' high demands for both players.

So, for now, at least, the Broncos appear to be moving forward with Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton. Things could change if a team ups their offer as we move closer to the draft. Also, keep in mind, the Broncos have to make a decision on Jeudy’s fifth-year option here soon as well.