Trade Sutton right now

If Denver wants to have a more competitive team in ‘23 they should immediately trade Courtland Sutton for a high to mid range 2nd and also be willing to take on 30-50% of his salary to get the deal done. Sutton has an $18M cap hit this year and his contract valuation based on production is likely south of $10M for 2023 . Sutton most likely will finish ‘23 as the #2 or #3 receiver on the team And he’ll be cut, traded or restructured in ‘24 for less then Denver will get today.

If Denver trades him now they can grab a top 3 RB with the high 2nd pick and then use the cap space created by the trade to sign a Center. Picking up a rookie Center in the 2nd or later will likely be a 2-3 year project and not an immediate starter. A top 3 RB should be an immediate starter and paired with a returning Javonte Williams pays immediate dividends.

Giving up a #2-3 WR for a starting RB and upgrade at C should be a no brainer since the ROI of the transaction is huge. Trade him to Chicago, eat $9M of his salary. I THINK this saves $9M in cap space but I’m sure the Broncos Salary Cap Wizard can figure it out.

I still think Chicago would grab him for the early 2nd round pick with something along those terms.

Think of it like this: Payton wants a run heavy Offense to maximize Wilson’s skill set. For that he ( Payton) needs a significantly better O-Line and a significantly better RB room. Sutton does nothing for that in ‘23. My version of this trade, coupled with the Guard and Right Tackle signings, are another domino in that chain and a significant one.

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