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Broncos had third-highest attendance numbers in 2022

But that stat doesn’t really paint an accurate picture of actual humans present during each Denver Broncos game.

DENVER BRONCOS VS LOS ANGELES CHARGERS, NFL Photo by AAron Ontiveroz/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

An interesting graphic slide by my screen while mindlessly scrolling through Facebook last night and I felt like it would be a good morning conversation piece. Sunday Night Football on NBC posted this graphic to their Facebook page listing out all of the NFL attendance leaders in 2022 when counting both home and away games.

Right in between two of the New York teams, the Denver Broncos snuck in as seemingly the third most-watched team in NFL stadiums last season.

The stat didn’t seem correct to me and then I realized why.

Broncos home games were well attended early on in the season, but by mid-December apathy had once again taken over. They posted the third-worst ‘no shows’ in team history during a game against the Arizona Cardinals.

That’s the caveat right there. These attendance numbers count the no shows. So, by virtue of selling out every ticket the Broncos come in looking pretty good on the attendance numbers. For the first time in my life as a fan I’m seeing so many Broncos fans passing on renewing their season tickets. There are tens of thousands on the wait-list, so I am sure they’ll find buyers. That buyer list will dwindle in the coming years if they don’t turn things around, though.

For now, enjoy the attendance records - even if they are basically counting ghosts from last season. In Denver, anyway.

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