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Broncos regular season wins set at 8.5

DraftKings Sportsbook released regular season wins on Saturday, with the Broncos at a manageable number.

With all of the moves the Denver Broncos have made this offseason, what would DraftKings Sportsbook set the 2023-24 wins market at?

On Saturday, DraftKings released its number for NFL teams and the Broncos come in at 8.5 wins. The line is -110 for the over and under.

That’s a good number, but with so much uncertainty it’s a gamble (pun intended). There’s no doubt Sean Payton will change the culture and get this franchise back to its winning ways. And he’s proven he can have success in his first year, just look at the New Orleans Saints.

But nine or 10 wins are just as likely as 7 or 8.

And there are still the massive questions around Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson.

As is the case with sports betting, listen to your gut, whether it’s the over or under 8.5 regular season wins.

In terms of the AFC West regular season wins:

AFC wins:

NFC wins: