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Sean McVay revving up to ‘steal’ ideas from Sean Payton

Some Sean-to-Sean hype up in here.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The excitement for Denver’s new staff is in full bloom! Some coaches around the league have shared their positive reactions to the organization’s hires for the 2023 offseason, one of those coaches being Los Angeles Rams’ Sean McVay.

With Vance Joseph now a coach with the Denver Broncos instead of the Arizona Cardinals, the LA head coach shares that he’s happy he doesn’t have to go up against Joseph’s impressive defensive strategies twice a year anymore.

Asked about the highlights of Joseph as a DC, McVay answered, “I think aggressiveness, I think multiple looks that he presents and provides.”

He went on, “You can see that Vance has a great understanding of how to attack protections, be able to do a great job of playing their leverage in coverages, pick and choose his spots to activate — you know, pressure — and I also think Vance does a great job of understanding his players.”

McVay finished by saying that he has tremendous respect for the defensive coordinator, and that he’ll do a great job, adding, “I’m glad I don’t have to go against him anymore.”

Joseph wasn’t the only coach that McVay was asked about, either. The interviewer mentioned Sean Payton, and asked if McVay was interested in stealing his plays.

“He’s always at the top. You know, you always have certain coaches that you want to be able to watch, because you know they’re going to do different things to attack defensive structures but also utilize their personnel and there’s a reason why he’s done it at such a high level for such a long period of time. So I’m always watching his stuff.”

McVay added that Payton has always been “so good” to him, taking him under his wing at league meetings when he first started and didn’t know anybody.

“The game is better with him back in this game. He’ll do an outstanding job...but I’m looking forward to flipping on that Broncos offense every week and seeing what we can steal from him.”

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