"Looking at a realistic approach and to the future" type mock draft

There are a few things I'm sure is bound to draw attention to Broncos fans.

1) G-Bolles is NOT going to be worth a team's 1st round pick due to that leg/knee injury he suffered in the 2022 season.

2) I can see realistically Courtland Sutton would be worth a team's 2nd (Look for Denver to give up a future 3rd, depending on which team one is thinking of sending him to, especially if it's one that is in search for a Super Bowl conquest).

3) Justin Simmons also would be worth a team's 2nd (Depending on who is in need to fix the secondary, and if Denver does throw in a future pick in the process).

4) I know I'm probably going to offend so many WOKE Denver fans, but I just can't see an aging Kareem Jackson being the face, let alone, the leader to the Denver defense. His age and experience is not reflecting the same when he's on the playing field. In the new era that is with Sean Payton, it's time to let someone else take the lead.

5) Denver needs a fallback plan at QB if Russ underwhelms the fans again.

One offseason hire shouldn't guarantee Denver to be "back on track".

Given where other teams are with younger QBs (Jags, Chargers, Bills, Dolphins, Patriots, Chiefs), the Broncos are likely to run out of chances getting to the Super Bowl with Russ than those teams. And the Chiefs have won 2 Super Bowls to boot, mind you.

Denver's got no 1st round picks, meaning the best options will likely be gone, and there's a chance Denver will miss out on getting a quality starting player in the 2nd round unless they make something magical happen. make the effort to get something meaningful in return in terms of draft capital, I gave Courtland Sutton to a team that, not only has good draft capital they could probably be willing to give up, but is probably in desperate need of a WR that could help them get to the playoffs (And maybe to the Super Bowl). That sent me to giving him up to the Cowboys by trading Sutton and a 3rd for the Cowboys' 2023 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 7th picks, a 2024 4th, and 2025 5th and 7th. I also made one trade down giving up their 6th and a 2025 7th for two KC 7ths and a 2024 6th.

If you haven't kept track, that's basically one trade up, and only one down trade.'s what I managed to muster up:

Round 2, pick 58 - T Dawand Jones

I know the first thing Denver needs to do is give that offensive line a huge makeover. And it starts with getting their long-term right tackle. Dawand Jones gives them that luxury to plug him in on the right side. I'm assuming as well, Denver will try and attempt to search for depth via FA as well for the left/right tackle spot? But Jones, in particular, I like his upside. Of his 693 snaps he played in the 2022 season, he surrendered 4 QB hurries, no QB hits, and NO sacks at the right tackle spot. Did I forget to mention he has a 7'5" wingspan and huge hands (11 5/8)?

Grade: A+

Round 3, pick 67 - EDGE Andre Carter II

I'm surprised Carter II falls this far down into the draft. That being said, Denver could probably use a guy who could be menacing in the trenches. Andre Carter II carries a decent pass rush, and has a huge wingspan (6'10", if one is wondering). In the 2021 season, he trailed only Alabama's Will Anderson (Who is most likely the #1/3 pick in this year's draft) in sacks with 15.5 and made one and a half more than last year's number-one pick Aidan Hutchinson. I get the sense there's probably going to be room for improvement for the former Army man to be an exquisite pass rusher for Denver. Maybe more muscle to start? Don't be surprised if he ends up a quality stud for them on defense.

Grade: A+

Round 3, pick 68 - C Luke Wypler

No, you did not see it wrong. Yes, it's another Buckeye, and he's coming to Denver. Meet OSU's center, Luke Wypler. Again...kind of surprised he falls this far down in the draft. But if one has watched this guy in the CFP semis against Georgia, he has given up an impressive 7 QB hurries, no QB hits, and just one sack. This guy could be a decent replacement, barring if they feel like Glasgow is a cap casualty and if they've seen enough of Cushenberry. He's got potential, but he's probably going to need to be coached up well to be an effective center. Let's hope Zach Strief can help correct some of his "issues".

Grade: A

Round 4, pick 108 - EDGE Nick Herbig

It almost shocks me that Nick Herbig falls into the 4th round, and yet...he's coming home to Denver. He has an incredible knack of getting to the QB. Really good pass rush ability, but is also a solid coverage player and tackler. I would not be surprised if he finds his way into the rotation. If one has not watched his highlights, you could see why I like this guy in the mock.

Grade: A+

Round 4, pick 129 - DL Moro Ojomo

I loved this pick from the start, as Denver needs a guy who could absolutely stop the run. Moro has some edge rusher ability, but I like this pick more for defending the run.

Grade: A-

Round 5, pick 141 - RB Tank Bigsby

Denver has to make a choice. Because Mike Boone, Marlon Mack, and Latavius Murray are bound FAs. What's also going to happen with Chase Edmonds, a guy they got from Miami? With Javonte Williams coming back from an ACL injury, they need to find depth to this position. Tank is the definition of runner. As he also can be capable of breaking tackles as well. The 1-2 punch of Tank and Pookie could be really effective for them.

Grade: A+

Round 5, pick 163 - G Chandler Zavala

Because Tom Compton and Dalton Risner are bound FAs, and Quinn Meinerz the only starting guard with experience returning back in the 2023 season, the depth there remains barren. Chandler could provide depth there, if needed.

Grade: B-

Round 7, pick 227 - LB Aubrey Miller Jr.

I picked this guy for value. But also a decent option to include on PS/ST?

Grade: A

Round 7, pick 246 - QB Stetson Bennett

I know what some fans are thinking.

"Don't we already have a short QB to work with?"

Uh...yes. The only problem is that I don't believe Denver should entrust Rypien to be Russ' backup. Stetson would be a greater upgrade over Brett for sure. This guy outdueled the likes of Anthony Richardson, Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud and Will Levis in college, all of whom are projected to be picked in the 1st round. Just recently at the combine, Bennett boosted his stock, as he ran a 4.67 and displayed explosion in the broad jump (85th percentile). More importantly, he looked outstanding in the passing drills where he showcased a surprisingly strong arm and excellent accuracy. This would answer the call on who Russ' backup will be going into the 2023 season.

Grade: A+

Round 7, pick 257 - S Trey Dean III

This was a value pick. But could it be likely he finds himself in ST/PS?

Grade: A

Overall, this mock draft grades it an A+. Featuring a mix of depth, starting players, and guys who could help for the near future. I made 5 picks magically turn to 10. What do you guys make of it?

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