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Report: Sean Payton may not like Russell Wilson and the Broncos quarterback has one year to prove himself

The NFL Scouting Combine has come and gone and we have some gossip about Sean Payton and Russell Wilson.

NFL Combine Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The entire NFL traveled to Indianapolis last week for the NFL Scouting Combine. General managers, coaches, scouts, media, and everyone in between were there, and as usual, some gossip has emerged from this event.

This time, it is about Denver Broncos head coach and quarterback Russell Wilson. NBC Sports’ Matthew Berry was among the media present at the combine, and he was told by multiple people at the combine that Wilson basically has a one-year audition to prove himself to newly hired head coach, Sean Payton. One source even told Berry that they do not think Payton really likes Wilson and does not find him constantly bugging retired quarterback Drew Brees all that funny.

Now, this could potentially be gossip, but things leak at the combine each and every year. Everyone is there, there’s alcohol, and people love to gossip, so things like this come out, but who knows the accuracy behind it? Here is the full quote from Berry from his article titled ‘23 most interesting things I learned at the Combine’.

“I don’t think [Sean] Payton likes Russ. He’s got one year to prove himself or Payton will move on.” This source pointed out that Payton has said multiple times in public, on the record, how Russell keeps “bothering Drew Brees.” Payton tries to play it off for a laugh, but my source doesn’t think Payton actually think it’s funny.

As for the one-year audition thing, we have heard that before, and it is rather logical. If Wilson continues to struggle this upcoming season in Sean Payton’s offense, it is unlikely the veteran quarterback will be back with the team.

Yes, the cap hit will still sting, but they can spread it out over two seasons and just bite the bullet and move on from a move that did not work out as planned. From there, Payton can enter next season and hand-pick the quarterback he wants to lead his team moving forward.

Obviously, we hope Payton can turn things around and salvage Wilson’s time in Denver and get this team back in the postseason. However, if Payton cannot do it, it is unlikely that anyone else can and it will be time to move on from Wilson.

I am sure the Broncos and the media who cover the team will come out and debunk this report/rumor, but only time will tell if this ends up being true or not. Berry had some more nuggets about the Broncos that I found more interesting than this, and stories about them will be coming to the site shortly.