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SSB: A new Broncos landscape in 2023

Change is good.

With the NFL draft a little over two-weeks away, the Broncos landscape has shifted considerably from the smoldering wreckage that was the 2022 debacle of a season. With ownership taking a tighter grip on the running of the team and with the addition of Sean Payton, all signs are that Denver is heading in the right direction.

Considering the draft picks dealt to the Saints to acquire Sean Payton, the next few weeks will be crucial. Will Denver trade Jerry Jeudy or Courtland Sutton to regain some of that precious draft capital? What would be a fair exchange to put the Broncos in better draft position? Does dealing a wide receiver in the current market make sense?

Then there’s the addition of all those free agents! How will they factor into the run-first offensive approach that Sean Payton appears to be installing? Will Russell Wilson balk at the changes? Will Javonte Williams be healthy enough to run the rock when the season starts? Can he be the bell-cow that Broncos Country needs him to be?

Mike and Jess are back after a brief hiatus to discuss all these things and more in this week’s Something Something Broncos podcast! It’s great to be back!