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Why the Broncos should target a running back in the third around

The third round looks like a running back type round in this years’ draft. This is the primary reason why the Denver Broncos should go get one with one of their third round picks.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: FEB 01 Reese’s Senior Bowl Practice Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Running back is a position group that has fallen far in the NFL on terms of value teams place on the position. In fact, they have never been paid less relative to other positions in NFL history. However, they still make a huge impact on the overall success of offenses around the league.

The issue is they typically don’t get resigned by the team that drafted them. That means the Denver Broncos should absolutely be looking at picking up starter-level talent in the third round. Whether or not Javonte Williams is fully recovered in team for Week 1, they will need depth and talent at the position.

The good news for Sean Payton and George Paton is that the running back class is heavy for players in that third to fourth round range. They could have their choice of a long list of running backs expected to go between that first third round pick Denver has and their first pick in the fourth round.

There won’t be many position groups that will net Day 1 starters in the third rounds or later, but running back is one of those rare positions that teams can find Day 1 contributors. With so little draft capital, I hope Denver decided to get an impact player to help Payton’s offensive shift towards the run with Russell Wilson at quarterback.

What do you think: should Denver target a running back with one of their two early third round picks?

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