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Broncos in no meetings through Phase 1 of offseason activities

At this point in the offseason, Sean Payton said the focus is on lifting and running for the Broncos.

Denver Broncos Introduce Sean Payton as Head Coach Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Good morning, Broncos Country!

You always expect coach and general manager speak at any news conference.

That’s especially true when it comes to the NFL Draft.

But this week, Sean Payton had some nuggets that he told the Denver media about the Denver Broncos.

One is that the Broncos are not holding any team meetings during Phase 1 of the offseason program.

“I felt like I learned this from Bill (Parcells),” Payton told the media. “This month is lifting and running. If there’s a question, it’s, ‘How are the weights going?’ We see these guys running in the morning when we’re coming in here for draft meetings. We’re not in a meeting room setting.

“I don’t want the players to feel like they’re pulling into the parking lot coming to football practice in April. That’s just not happening. It’s great to see these guys around. Hopefully, we can keep the golf carts upright. No meetings, just weight room and running.”

Payton added that Phase 2 begins in three weeks. That’s when the coaches will begin to introduce the offense, defense and special teams. As well as do the Phase 2 activities that they can do.

The other nugget is the influence Parcells had Payton. It’s no secret, especially if you listen to Payton for any amount of time. But the Broncos new head coach offered some insight on the Parcells front, especially when it comes to personnel.

“Bill felt the offensive line was one of the most important positions on your roster because it permeated the building,” Payton said. “He didn’t say it had to be done in the draft or in free agency, but he just felt like that position group was important. Regardless of his philosophy and my exposure to Bill — when George (Paton) and I started — and George even had mentioned this in an earlier press conference prior to free agency — that was a focus for us in upgrading and getting our team better.

“What I learned from Bill, I couldn’t talk about in just one question or one press conference. There were certain things he looked for. I thought he was someone who was obviously a Hall of Fame head coach, but a really good personnel guy. He enjoyed that process.”

In terms of specifics when it comes to personnel, Payton talked about the offensive line.

“I think Bill looked at the offensive line, obviously, with great significance,” Payton said. “We all do, but he looked at certain things pertaining to that group. He had certain requirements. The thing to understand when you talk about prototypes, though, is you really have to start with the defense and offense that you’re projecting these players to.

“We often times talk about what’s the vision for these guys. Are we looking at a nickel or corner? Are we looking at a slot receiver? Do we think he can play outside? Having a clear vision I think is important. That takes time in the meetings.”

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