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What are the three biggest needs the Broncos must address in the 2023 NFL Draft?

The Denver Broncos don’t have a lot of picks, but plenty of needs to address. The Mile High Report staff weighs in on three positions the franchise must address in the 2023 NFL Draft.

NFL: Denver Broncos Head Coach Sean Payton Introductory Press Conference Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Short on picks, but with multiple needs to address, George Paton and Sean Payton have some work ahead of them in order to strengthen the franchise. What routes they choose to go remain uncertain for now, but every fan across Broncos Country is excited for what is on the horizon.

It’s NFL Draft Week and that means our Mile High Report Roundtable Discussions are back! This year, as in years past, I decided to pose five questions related to how the Denver Broncos should navigate the 2023 NFL Draft. First up—getting a pulse on what our staff believes are Denver’s biggest needs that must be addressed.

What are the three biggest needs the Broncos must address in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Tim Lynch:

I think their biggest need is likely running back, followed closely by offensive line. It may an unpopular opinion to put running back first, but I think this offense is going to need more than one or two dudes.

Scotty Payne:

I would say boundary corner, running back, and front seven depth (EDGE/IDL). Potentially center, but it depends how Payton and his staff feels about Cushenberry. They did call him their starter and only added backup depth in free agency so we shall see. A deep threat or receiver in general is a potential need as well. They have done a lot of work on the receivers in this draft class, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they viewed that position as a top need.


There’s no harm in shopping for a good running back in the draft. There’s a good argument that it’s a need that is right around the corner, even. Speaking of corners, the Broncos need depth at corner pretty badly. I’d look for one with one of our third-round picks. Finally, whatever Sean Payton wants that he doesn’t have for development players. I know that’s a cop-out answer, but I’m really down with whatever our ridiculously paid head coach wants. Give him tools so he can get this team back to winning.

Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann:

I think the three biggest needs are edge, corner, running back but in whatever order gives us the BPA when on the clock.

Ross Allen:

After bolstering the offensive line in free agency, they need to sure up that defensive line in the draft. A pass rusher that actually had the ability to set the edge would be very nice to have. They also need help at the running back position. With Javonte Williams likely being out into the season, and with the possibility that he never returns to form, they’ll need someone for the future. Luckily, running back is probably the best position when it comes to finding talent in the later rounds. We all know that their starting defensive backfield is great, but boy do they need some depth at that position.

Adam Malnati:

Everything was basically covered by everyone else. I’m going to go in a different direction. We’ve heard about Denver shopping Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy all off season. While the league seems to be missing the Broncos asking price, should a team decide during the draft to finally put up what Payton and Paton are asking, that position jumps up the need board. I have no idea whether that will happen, but it is definitely worth paying attention to.

Ian St. Clair:

If a running back Paton and Payton like happen to be there with one of the third-round picks, that would be interesting to see what they do. But depth on both the defensive and offense line, edge and corner would be the three biggest needs.

Christopher Hart:

It’s hard to pinpoint their three biggest needs, but I’m hoping the Broncos can find players at positions they need help at which can have an immediate impact. Given the uncertainty surrounding Javonte Williams and lack of depth at the position in general, running back seems like an apt choice for Payton and Paton to target early.

Additionally, I think getting another corner is extremely important. If either Patrick Surtain II or Damarri Mathis were to go down with injury, who steps up on the boundary to replace their reps? There is no clear cut answer looking at the team’s depth chart right now.

Last but not least, I’m hopeful they add someone to their defensive front seven. A versatile player who can help rushing the pass rusher and combat the run in Vance Joseph’s defense would make sense.

Our staff has given their thoughts. Now it is your turn to sound off in the comments section and make your voice heard. What are your three biggest draft needs for the Broncos Thanks for reading and participating!