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What positions should the Broncos avoid addressing with their earliest picks?

The Denver Broncos are short on picks. They can’t address every need and need to exercise discretion with the selections they do have. What positions should the avoid picking early?

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In our first installment of Mile High Report NFL Draft Roundtable Discussions, I asked the staff what three positions they thought the Denver Broncos must address in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Virtually everyone felt finding a running back was essential for George Paton and Sean Payton, but there was a great divergence of opinion after that.

Some felt upgrading depth at the corner position was a priority, whilst some believed snagging a receiver would be a sound ideal. And even though the Broncos spent big in the trenches, getting more players to be foundations of the team was a suggestion.

Today we are switching gears with this thought in mind: Diligence and discretion are paramount if the Broncos want to maximize on their draft selections. With only five picks they can’t address everything. Some positions will have to be ignored

Which is why I asked everyone:

What positions should the Broncos avoid addressing with their earliest picks?

Tim Lynch:

Wide receiver and quarterback. I’m good on those positions. With so little draft capital, they need to focus on needs.

Scotty Payne:

I don’t really have a position I’m 100% against then taking early(their two picks in the 3rd). It’s the third round so just get the best player and don’t worry about the positional value.


They don’t need QB and they don’t need wide receivers. Anything else is completely game.

Ross Allen:

Please don’t draft a QB. It would be such a waste to even consider taking one in the third-round and maybe even the fourth-round. Wide receiver is fine, unless they trade Jeudy or Sutton. That would definitely change things.

Ian St. Clair:

With the third- and fourth-round picks, definitely a quarterback. Everything else is on the table.

Christopher Hart:

With needs scattered across Denver’s depth chart, virtually any position is fair game to draft. Obvious exceptions being kicker and punter. I don’t think they need to take inside linebacker early and avoiding a QB in the Top 125 is critical. Their focus should be on positions where they can get immediate production from contributors as rookies.

The Mile High Report team has given their thoughts. Now it’s your turn to put yourself in the shoes of Sean Payton and George Payton. Let us know what positions you would avoid addressing early on if you were making Denver’s picks. Once again, thanks for reading!